9 Life of Police Dogs In Moscow

Life of Police Dogs In Moscow

Posted on November 28, 2012 by team

We are going to the canine center of the Zelenograd Department of Internal Affairs to see army dogs there, look what they eat, how they live and go to work and check out why spaniels get less meat then others.

This canine center appeared in 1982. Today it is based in this two-storey building with a big territory where dogs walk and train.


9 Responses to “Life of Police Dogs In Moscow”

  1. citydog says:

    Interesting, thanks.

    It’s goofy to feed the same amount to every dog. They are individuals, and will have different requirements by age, breed, etc.

  2. OD1N says:

    what a dogs! especially german ones. Beauties!

  3. Takolander says:

    Dogs are our best friends. They help out in emergencies, family life, war, police work and what not. You can’t say that about cats, they’re just using us. Cats are sociopaths ;)

  4. harr says:

    @citydog: Agreed, it’s quite strange.

  5. Patriot says:

    I think there was a miscommunication somewhere. I was a MWD Handler a few years ago and the dogs are fed based on their weight. Tango was 90lbs and he received 3 cups in the morning 4 cups at noon or for lunch and 2 cups of wet at night.

  6. René says:

    I love ER articles like this one.

  7. ProudGerman says:

    Where are the Boxer dogs at?

  8. Andree says:

    Nice pictures! The last one looks kind of funny, like someone kicked the poor dogs ass;-)

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