56 We Are Cossacks!

We Are Cossacks!

Posted on November 27, 2012 by team

Cossacks are a group of predominantly East Slavic people who originally were members of democratic, semi-military communities in Ukraine and Southern Russia. They inhabited sparsely populated areas and islands in the lower Dnieper and Don basins, and played an important role in the historical development of both Ukraine and Russia.

Now you can see the men who call themselves “Cossacks” today.



“I remember 24th of January, 1919”.


“Moscow is my homeland, my family!”


This guy is a parliamentary candidate.


“Russians do not give up!”

It reads: “Before the Almighty Allah and Holy Qur’an.”

The supreme ataman is being blessed by the Patriarch of All Russia”.

The photo wass taken in Washington where they discussed the idea of creation of the international Coucil of Cossack atamans. 2008.

It reads: “The Cossacks of the Moscow Region”.


It reads: “Happy Birthday!”


The “Cossacks” like to wear many medals. But what is depicted on them? It’s a director of one company in Volgograd, for example…

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56 responses to “We Are Cossacks!”

  1. JD says:

    Bunch of clowns

    • mark alexander says:

      Why are they a bunch of clowns?
      They have an amazing and very proud history, and a well won fearsome reputation. Mocking that is wrong.

      • Tiger says:

        don´t waste your time to provide insights to a product of the US educational system. Everybody who has no ivy league degree from there is practically not able to think, read of talk properly. Nor has he the intellectual capability to learn anything new.

  2. Apu Gupta says:

    uhmm.. i don’t really get it. What’s so about them , what now, and then what etc..

    What’s their official / legal status in russia now?

    • andrewi31 says:

      Nowadays they are being officially integrated into Russia’s police forces to handle street disturbances, and promote conservative values. They’ve also been mobilized to handle ethnic and border issues. They were responsible for the ethnic cleansing of Meskhetian Turks in Krasnodar a few years back, along with other missions.

      They are your good old Russian rednecks and proud of it.

    • Tiger says:

      500,000 serve in the army with their own Cossack units and another 500,000 currently works for the border guards and police forces.

  3. (r)evolutionist says:

    Decossackization: Soviet social engineering (1918-1921).

    • YJ says:

      I’m glad they did that. Who knows what these people are thinking.

      • Tiger says:

        Maybe you go to a Cossack and tell him in person…

        • America says:

          He would have to find a real Cossack first, not one of these modern wannabe “cossacks” Russia has today.

        • America says:

          The Communists already did (Decossackization). And the result is that most of today’s so called “Cossacks” are just a bunch of drunken redneck wannabes trying to revive traditions and values they know nothing about. Because those traditions and values were never passed down to then by real Cossack mentors. You don’t become a real Cossack be reading a history book about you ancestors and imitating them.

    • Tiger says:

      The Cossacks were religious and posing a threat to the commies as they were all armed and organized, so Trotzky decided to kill as many of them as possible. That they are returning now again is a good thing to finally close the stupid USSR chapter for good.

  4. Abu Zibby says:

    The Cossacks are a good reason to keep and arsenal of working ICBMs with thermonuclear warheads.

  5. Mke Talino says:

    A few real army vets and real cossack servicemen.

    90% cheap fat drunken ignorant clowns representing primitive monarchism, nationalism, hatred and all other kinds of retarded yahooism.

    No traditions, no respect for anything, no knoledge of history, but beards, funny uniforms and worthless fake decorations.

  6. OD1N says:

    Why do most of them have so many medals and pendents? It looks like Kongo warlords

  7. Madak says:

    Beer guts, unkempt beards, unwashed cloths, nazi salutes, curious ceremonies… welcome to Texas! Yee-haw!

  8. banana says:

    a bit harsh there guys. I think the cossacks were just the slavs copying the caucases (running around doing what they want and telling everyone to “go forth and multiply” impolitely). They were the mythical cowboys of Russia with a bit of the imperial guard (three musketeers) thrown in. I reserve judgement on Kadyrov. he is a sheriff with licence to kill.

    • America says:

      “a bit harsh there guys”… kind of like the Cossacks were to others throughout history? Although it is only words being wielded against them here unlike the weapons they wield against their detractors.

    • mark alexander says:

      Don Cossacks have a very long and very proud history, its wrong to mock them.
      Shashka use is an artform; and in the olden days is very much the Don and Ukranian Cossaks that had the fearsome reputation not the caucuses.

  9. ho fo sho says:

    Reminds me of the militias in the US. A bunch of vodka swilling rednecks who like to dress up and play army.

    • Tiger says:

      When do you yanks stop comparing your overindebted and obese society with the rest of the world? It has nothing to do with rednecks nor with anything you got in the US. The Cossacks were made up of free men who guarded the borders of the Russian empire and who fought the muslims in the south and east.

  10. Emperor Norton says:

    This some from of LARPing?

  11. Ye Olde says:

    Freak show…

  12. Dev says:


  13. Johan says:

    I believe the Cossacks were too independent minded for the likes of Herr Lenin and Stalin, perhaps? What I want to know is: What are those sigar-like things you see on the breasts of the older Cossack tunics?

  14. aguest says:

    Those fancy uniforms cannot be regulation, can they?

  15. Jeevus says:

    Meh, I like the Kuban Cossack Choir quite a bit. Some of these guys look bit surly though.

  16. 1934NFA says:

    Damn…that was….different (lol).

  17. Steve Down under says:

    had to laugh at the guy on the right in the first picture and the guy in the second both looked as pissed as a fart !!

  18. -Zlodey- says:

    This bunch of clowns have nothing to do with real cossacks. This is only semi-bandit, money hungry crowd, most of russians hate them and dont like them.
    I have real ancestors – cossacks in my family, and I can say this clearly.

  19. MrFox says:

    I love that pre-ww1 style uniform!

  20. i know better says:

    the cossaks were murdering-raping animals, towards whom ever they were hired to kill. they buchered the jews and other people. they were the fear of the continent. this is their tradition, for hundrets of years. you think they are rednecks? give them freedom and we will see… but run like hell first. forgeting their herritage – not such a bad thing…

  21. mittens says:

    Is Cossack considered as a nationality? Because as far as I know they are Russians and Ukrainians who have organized between themselves to protect their lands from Turks and Tatars? Can they be considered as different ethnicity than Russian/Ukranian?

    • khkbkb says:

      cossack was an ethnicity.. yes.. but i think communisim and prior attempts at controling them from the russian empire removed their clear image as distinct ethnic groups they are decentants of a micture of caucascan, mongolidic turcik and slavic peoples, in the 10 centruary already there was described a mixed race of slavic influenced peoples living on the edge of the steppe..so this hybrid culture has been around for a long time..

    • Tiger says:

      This nationality thing has something to do with the communist bull$hit. Anybody who is an Orthodox Christian can be a Cossack, if he is accepted by an Ataman. There was recently even the case of an African migrant who converted and who was later accepted into the Cossack unit. Now he is serving there and wears the uniform.

    • mittens says:

      Thanks for the answers. Then I guess I was wrong. Didn’t know Cossacks were that old and that they include blood of many other nations. And yes, I heard one Cossack saying that anyone can be Cossack if he feels like it.

  22. billy says:

    Savages, barbarians, ugly

  23. tom says:

    This really is everything one would expect Russia to be.

  24. tutan says:

    Captain Square Head and colonel Stupid Man!

  25. tommo says:

    creepy pack of clowns. Makhno woula eaten them for breakfast

  26. John Dingler, artist says:

    By the way, it’s difficult to distinguish reenactors from militia from mere drunks who want to dress up romantically.

  27. Someone who actually knows what he's talking about says:

    There’s a lot about Cossacks that you all don’t get. The main thing is that many Cossacks are dedicated, hard-working people who legitimately train themselves as warriors so they can be able and ready to defend there community and nation if it needs them. Yes, there are plenty of ignorant people who put on a goofy uniform and sword and tell people that they are some bad-ass warrior Cossack who aren’t, but this isn’t an accurate representation of the whole. Many of them train from young ages to be great fighters and earn their title and place in their society. As for the swords, it is a symbol of honor, family, loyalty, dedication, and their way of life. The uniform symbolizes their commitment to their cause and achievements in wars they participated in and titles in their community. Unless you have personally met an actual Cossack or been to one of their communities, you have no right disrespecting their culture and way of life.

  28. Michael Orlow says:

    These photos are a piss take and have as much Cossack in them has my left testicle. Some of the comments left are from people who have never travelled the World and see life through a computer screen, and as thick has shit.

  29. Chainsaw Eddie says:

    These people have a lot of fun. Of course, they are total idiots. Making bad choices is their speciality.
    But, I like the costumes and I want to throw one of those big Cossack women over my shoulder.

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