2 Traditionally Russian Apple Candies

Traditionally Russian Apple Candies

Posted on November 27, 2012 by team

Belev candy is a wonderful originally Russian delicacy. It appeared in far 1888. Its recipe was created by a merchant Amvrosy Prokhorov. He made this product famous abroad too. It used to be served to noblemen of Russia, Spain, Italy, Bulgaria and Georgia. It would not have been possible if this product didn’t have a wonderful taste.

We are specially going to the Tula region to see how it is made.

The recipe is rather simple: it consists of only three components: Antonov apples, sugar and egg whites.

First of all apples must be washed. Then they are put into a special oven to be baked for 2,5 – 3 hours depending on their size. The temperature for baking is 230 degrees C (446 F).

Then the applaes are to be cooled in a special chamber. It is necessary in order the apples do not lose their color and become black.

Whites are separated from yolk.

Then sugar is to be added.

Everything is mixed up.

Theт they make puree from the cooled apples.

The special mixer is used to mix all the ingredients.


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  1. OD1N says:

    maybe it`s a kind of cake (honey-cake) not candies?

  2. MrFox says:

    Russian desserts are always best, but they are not that famous.

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