10 Old Shelter At the Defence Plant

Old Shelter At the Defence Plant

Posted on November 22, 2012 by team

In the Soviet times the government of the country seriously believed in the threat of global thermonuclear war which might cause unprecedented destructions, raze countries to the ground.

With this in mind they were building numerous shelters of various types all over the country. This shelter cannot be call a standard one, its construction is not typical. The shelter belongs to one defence plant in Moscow.

Moscow has a lot of shelters. Most of them are in a poor condition. Best preserved can be found at plants, near research institutes or other state institutions built in the times of the USSR.

Total number of existing civil defence facilities in Moscow is a state secret.

Of course, they won’t be very helpful if a war begins. Modern bombs and missiles will rapidly turn all these shelters into mass graves.

But in cases of technological hazards they can save indeed.

In theory everyone should know where to run in a case of emergency.

But how many people do really know where to hide in a case, for example, of chlorine or ammonia emissions in the city. Most of them will probably run to the subway.

This shelter had been built before the war. Today it doesn’t function anymore.

It reads “scheme”.

This is another way to get inside.

Despite the fact that the shelter is out of service, it is connected to electricity anyway.

Where would you run in case of emergency?

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10 Responses to “Old Shelter At the Defence Plant”

  1. Fred Johnson says:

    From the looks of it, there is at least one shelter per person in Moscow.

  2. (r)evolutionist says:

    The U.S. in 1953 was indeed thinking seriously of an unprovoked nuclear attack on Moscow to destroy the Soviet Government under J.St. as a “moral” obligation. This debate went all the way up to and included Pres. Eisenhower. This was a fact not known then but now because of journalists using the FOIA. J.St. was a paranoid, ill old man but he was actually right in suspecting such an attack. Had the Pres. not then been a military man (Ike) but some nut like a Nixon, Reagan, or a Pres. Mor(m)on Romney who knows? As far as I’ve read the Soviet leaders never debated this thought (not even J.St.). Stalin did want to fortify Moscow with defensive nuclear weapons. Turns out he was prudent. It was a policy (encirclement) of the U.S. to keep threatening the U.S.S.R. Who was the real imperialist/threat?

  3. davepen says:

    “or a Pres. Mor(m)on Romney…”

    Bigot much?

    • ProudGerman says:

      The Communist said they would take over the world, they brought this on themselves.

      Communism = Enslavement of mankind and total rule by any BRUTAL means necessary. Thousands of GULAGS are littered across Russia as a testimony of the nice Soviet Union leaders.

  4. Andre says:

    “ProudGerman”. Your comment may be true about aspects of the Soviet Union, but the SU ceased to be Communism not long after its formation. It had socialist aspects but strayed far from the true idea. We now live in a competitive world that pits person against person and that encourages and rewards personal greed. Sure, the Russians failed at their attempt to create a fairer society of equals and the terrible things that happened really have put a stain on the image of communism, but I really admire them for being fair minded and bold enough to attempt breaking free of the exploitation of the ruling classes and create a better existence for ordinary people. Our individual efforts should be for the good of all. A community where we are relatively equal, not merely working to enrich a few greedy people.

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