3 Production of Amphibian Aircrafts

Production of Amphibian Aircrafts

Posted on November 21, 2012 by team

AeroVolga 1

Samara has many industrial companies and objects. One of them is “AeroVolga” where amphibian aircrafts are made. This company was founded in 2002 by enthusiasts. They produce amphibians in six modifications. In Russia this company has no competitors. They make twelve planes a year and are going to make more.

AeroVolga 2

“AeroVolga” is located 40 km from Samara.

AeroVolga 3

The plane capable to take off and land either on the ground or on water can perform many functions: they carry passengers and cargos, provide emergency medical care in remote areas, patrol borders, help in emergency situations, protect forests, extinguish fires, work in the spheres of recreation and tourism.

AeroVolga 4

There is an aero-club on the territory.

AeroVolga 6

AeroVolga 7

The planes are made in two hangars.

AeroVolga 8

LA-8 doesn’t have so many metal details. Some of them are produced right here, others are bought from other places (engines, gears etc.).

AeroVolga 9

Some parts turned out to be so expensive so it became reasonable to launch their own production.

AeroVolga 10AeroVolga 11

It might sound strange but the main material an amphibian is made of is high density foam plastic.


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3 Responses to “Production of Amphibian Aircrafts”

  1. Kent of Sweden says:

    I can not remember what channel it was on but I saw a documentare about some people who flew rescue in Canada or Alaska and in one scene they flew low over a river to let the wievers see the wrecks of amphibious aircraft along the riverbanks. The pilot who flew the crew commented that Planes that land on water are ok, so are planes that land on land.
    But as soon as you try to do both, you’re in trouble, it does not matter what form of safety you build into the plane, how many control devices and warning lights you have.
    Sooner or later some idiot pilot will try to land on water with the wheels down, or on land with the wheels up.

  2. ahoj says:

    Beautiful aircraft – I wish the company success because there is not enough nice amphibious airplanes around :-)

  3. Scott in Hollywood says:

    It’s a beautiful aircraft, and I do wish them success. It is essentially a large “foamie”, that can carry 8 people. If they can knock the price down to $500,000.00 (150,000.00 Rubles), that will be seen at small airports all ove r the planet. The plane is sort of the same idea as the early Beriev aircraft (Be-8), or the Grumman Goose, but with modern engines, and materials and instruments. There is still a market, especially in the central US and Canada. Hope to see them at Air Venture sometime soon, as well.

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