22 When Humans Turn Into Animals

When Humans Turn Into Animals

Posted on November 20, 2012 by team

Some of us still do not believe that people may turn into animals. But it seems they may, and faster they you think. These ones seem to be close to it. But, unfortunately, it cannot be called “evolution” in this case.

This merciless gravitation!

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22 Responses to “When Humans Turn Into Animals”

  1. skopeil says:

    stupid drug addicts..Russian was full of trash…what a shame to see a young girl ruined their life just like shits…

  2. (r)evolutionist says:


  3. Mitch says:


  4. DJ says:

    I thank mother Russia everyday that there is someone sober enough to record!

  5. Radownik says:

    Glue, I think, Trichloroeten

  6. Madak says:

    Russians, I have found, sometimes have a tendancy to blame all problems on other countries, other societies, other races, and other relions, just like other peoples sometimes place the blame for all of their promlem with the Russians. Here, some people are blaming Capitalism for Russia’s failings.

    Capitalism, like most philospihies, allows people a degree of scope to to make choices about their lives. These people have chosen to flush their lives down the toilet. While I am not a particular supporter of large multinationals, one really cannot blame their CEOs for the fact that these people have chosen to take drugs.

    However, it some happy-clappy do-gooder wants to absolve our subjects of responsibility for their own decisions, perhaps that responsibility should be placed with the Russian criminals that encourage them to become addicts in the first place. “Your first time with heroin? Just for you it is free!”

    Armour donned.

    • (r)evolutionist says:

      Interesting observation, Madak. My point of contention concerning capitalism is in it’s amorality; that is, unemployment or underemployment is an inevitable outcome due to constant competition and need for cheaper and cheaper ways of operating (and therefore frequently laying people off or moving their operations elsewhere). Young people without good work or hope are more prone to escape their harsh realities by drugs and becoming involved in the drug subculture which also operates on capitalist principles. The dealers are business people (i.e. capitalists). No need for armor, your opinion is rational.

      • Madak says:

        However, I struggle to find any political system that is entirely moral, and at least capitalism allows me some freedom and the ability to choose the nature of my poverty. Since economics and politics are closely intertwined, I consider them one and the same.

        You want the alternative? Look at any dictatorship to see it. Look at any non-sectarian government to see it. I prefer free-market capitalism every time.
        For instance, I surely hope that you will not tell me that Mr Stalin cared about the best interests of the lower classes of Soviet society. Stalin, Bush, Mao, Pol Pot, Matthew Hopkins. They are more similar than different.

        I think that Orwell encpsulated politics nicely in his book “1984”. Any political system ultimately evolves such that it pursues control of the people for the sake of control of the people. Look at Putin. Look at the Patriot Act. Where is the difference?

        (Incidentally, I would not say that our subjects are victims of free-market capitalism since Russia is very far from a free-market.)

  7. demos says:

    the dangers of heroin

  8. ricsi says:

    also seen in the west everyday so stop getting so ‘typical Russia’with your attitude-you shit caused the explosion in drug abuse thanks to Afghanistan and now Mexico.

    • Madak says:

      Hi Ricsi! Have a nice future living in your own filth! I live in filth too, but I am not so arrogant that I blame others for creating it. You choose your own way comming to terms with your society’s filth, and I will choose mine.

  9. Thinking is great says:

    Ah! GHB, the wonderful world of slowmotion and powernaps! :)

  10. Tiger says:

    Surely something synthetic…

  11. Postaldude says:

    Ant counters take their job seriously. Must be a well paid government job.

  12. zipp says:

    Young people heading to an early narcotic induced grave, doesn’t make entertaining viewing for me.

  13. rostit says:

    this is sad. those poor people.

  14. Ross says:

    Darn gravity.

  15. David says:

    Rics: You’ll find addicts in Russia, in the USA and all over the world. Madak’s point is that in Russia, drug addiction as any other evil is blamed on other countries, usually the USA.
    USA is not an imperialist country anymore, they don’t give a shlt on what Russians do and have few influence (and less army every year) abroad. Russia, however, has deep involvement (and troops!) far beyond its borders, much more than the USA.

  16. Keenan says:

    We should show them how to make Meth,Then they will running instead of sleep walking…

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