10 The Most Ancient City In Russia

The Most Ancient City In Russia

Posted on November 20, 2012 by team

The Dagestani city called Derbent is the most ancient in Russia: historians claim it is 5000 years old. True or not is a moot point, but the city is really very, very old. Wiki says that the modern city was founded in 438 AD while it got the status of a Russian city not so long ago – in 1840.

The historical part of the city is worth seeing indeed.

The name of the city is translated as “two gates”. The city appeared as a fortress in 438 AD, it was built by the Persians, the ancestors of the Iranians. There is a khan citadel on the hill of the city and two impregnable walls came down from the mountain to the sea. They protected the city from all sides.

These walls have been preserved till our days.

Some buildings are ancient, others are new. “Zhiguli” is a favorite brand of the Dagestani people.

There are still bullet holes on the Armenian church which remained from numerous wars undergone by the city.

The picture is classic for the city – plastic windows and destroyed “Zhiguli”.

The city has been recently flooded.

“Hijab helps to preserve your beauty longer”.

Religious mores in Dagestan are not as strict as in Arab countries, few wear hijabs, but almost all women wear headscarves.

This woman wants to be beautiful as long as possible.


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10 Responses to “The Most Ancient City In Russia”

  1. Tiger says:

    A city in “Russia”…

  2. Annonomous reader says:

    4000 year old mosque???? Where do you get your facts???? Islam is younger than Christianity which is 2012 years old!

  3. Piotrek says:

    The mosque cannot be 4000 years old. The building where mosque is located could be, but not mosque itself.

  4. DJ says:

    How can a mosque be 4000 years old if only the religion it belongs to is only 1500 years old?

  5. Babysitter says:

    4000y old mosque? Islam itself appeared only 1400 years ago. :)

  6. Richard S. says:

    4000 year old mosque? No way. Islam has only been around since circa 800 AD.

  7. Liptonius says:

    “Something is written in Arab.”

    The carving says:”Please do not smoke in the mosque”.

  8. icky says:

    They say the building is 4000 years old, not the mosque. You now the building could have been built then turned into a mosque later.

  9. Johan says:

    In the one picture it is said the building of the mosque is 4000 years old, but Islam is even younger than Christianity, at 200 years. And that building looks like a it was a mosque from the start.

  10. critter says:

    Dirty & filthy. I would bet the ancient people were more civilized than the modern inhabitants.

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