7 Soviet Aircrafts In Riga

Soviet Aircrafts In Riga

Posted on November 20, 2012 by team

We have shown you once this dying museum of aviation right at the airport of Riga, Latvia. This time we have a portion of new photos from the place.

The government doesn’t provide any financial support to the museum. It simply considers it to be too unprofitable. So only desolation is going to remain here soon.

Should it really decay like this?

Location: Riga, Latvia

via puerrtto

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7 Responses to “Soviet Aircrafts In Riga”

  1. alb says:

    It’s not decaying. It will be trasferred to soviet airport Spilve to form a complex museum altogeather with the airport building of 50ties and other objects.

  2. max says:

    they are too busy spending their last EU-hand outs on their Nazi-past while (again) throwing themselves into another fascist-union…

  3. TRex says:

    There are plenty of museums here so I’m sure these artifacts will make their way into a building soon enough, but money is a bit tight right now if you know what I mean. Maybe that ex-mayor of Ventspils and his family could return some of the millions they’ve acquired and it could be applied to such ventures.

  4. Krx says:

    Riga is not Russia, it’s a capital of one of former USSR republics, which try to forget the gloomy past as soon as possible.

  5. ramon says:

    @Trex, helas this major is still in place and not willing to give anything of his fraudulent gotten money away if it not benefits himself.

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