17 Bad Time For Geese

Bad Time For Geese

Posted on November 19, 2012 by team

RIA NOVOSTI/Alexander Kondratyuk

The first frosts have come to the village Redutovo of the Chelyabinsk region. Traditionally they start slaughtering geese on this time each year. They behead birds, pluck them and procure meat for winter.

RIA NOVOSTI/Alexander Kondratyuk

RIA NOVOSTI/Alexander Kondratyuk

RIA NOVOSTI/Alexander Kondratyuk

RIA NOVOSTI/Alexander Kondratyuk

RIA NOVOSTI/Alexander Kondratyuk

RIA NOVOSTI/Alexander Kondratyuk

RIA NOVOSTI/Alexander Kondratyuk

RIA NOVOSTI/Alexander Kondratyuk

RIA NOVOSTI/Alexander Kondratyuk

They are ready for the cold winter!

Location: Redutovo, the Chelyabinsk region

via drugoi

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17 Responses to “Bad Time For Geese”

  1. banditrider says:

    One has to wonder about the standards of the people that post this stuff. It’s not OK to show nipples or ass cracks, but it’s fine to show freshly chopped off heads of geese, and live geese being mishandled. I wonder what sort of message this sends to kids.

    • Erikas says:

      How do you think you get your daily meat dosage? I any better way?

      • Thinking is great says:

        How do you thing i get my daily thing going with my wife? This doesnt make sense. Ass, tits or whatever should be unsensored.

    • LoveRussianCulture says:

      1) This cultural site isn’t aimed at kids.
      2) There’s nothing wrong with slaughtering animals for food. People have always done this. Imagine that this site is showing techniques how do they slaughter a goose in Russia. What’s wrong with that?

      • LoveRussianCulture says:

        To add, Myself I love how there are so many pictures here from just one short occasion. It’s very educational/instructive. One picture itself tells more than thousand words.

    • ptc says:

      Message for kids is clear: meat is not born is supermarkets in plastic bags :-)

    • Kiwi says:

      As much as I feel sorry for those poor fools, I think that it is important to know where your meat cames from. Knowing the fact that meat is produced in a process of suffering and death for a sentient living leads to deep appraisal for the value of live. I love to eat meat, but I refused to eat meat for every opportunity. Plus: It seems to me that those geese have lived a live on the meadows of some russian village. They had a better live than any of those deformed creatures we stuff our bellys with at KFC.

  2. OD1N says:

    “Goosedamn! all of you will burn in geese hell”

  3. 70KokuSamurai says:

    You kill me E.R… You won’t show a woman’s nipples for fear of upsetting people, yet it’s o.k. to show a bucketful of bird heads recently separated from their owners.

  4. komar says:

    native live,
    natural living
    best wishes to russia

  5. schtuka says:

    nothing compare to turkey slaughter just about right now, few days before thanksgiving

  6. me says:

    Well thats what you gotta do if you want to eat meat.

    We have some chicken and ducks here in germany and I slaugther them myself.

    Sure the animal dies … its mean,
    but so delicious.

  7. Liptonius says:

    Good lookin’ geese! (And the girl in the last pic is a treat!)

  8. YJ says:

    Yummy this is what I’m going to have for Thanksgiving instead of the usual turkey.

  9. Dev says:

    I see lots of nice goose feathers for my pillows.

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