3 Saint Petersburg Observed From Heights

Saint Petersburg Observed From Heights

Posted on November 15, 2012 by team

This is Saint-Petersburg how a Russian photographer and a roofer Sergey Degtyarev sees it. Even the citizens of the city do not usually see the city like this, from the roofs. No matter what they say, risk of roofers seems to be justified.

Who would refuse to spend a couple of days in the city or maybe even climb one of the roofs?

via aliveserg

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3 Responses to “Saint Petersburg Observed From Heights”

  1. tsapai says:

    Cool, have spent 2 years there

  2. Mike says:

    These photos are obviously HIGHLY edited. All the people are removed so all you see is the tail lights of vehicles. The HDR work done here is very good capturing colorful dynamic range of sunset/sunrise without making it look too obvious it was HDRed. No one photo could do this and so each photo is a combination of several photos of the same scene merged into one. When you do that much editing you got to wonder if it is really a “real-life” scene. It might be even “better” than the human eye can see it

  3. agumon says:

    well the difference here with this photos its that that theres a human who edited them instead of just the camera adjusting all the spec for a jpg picture

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