22 News From Russian Roads, Part 62

News From Russian Roads, Part 62

Posted on November 15, 2012 by team

This creepy "Zaporozhets" was among those which came to participate in the meeting of Soviet cars fans. But do not be afraid, the owner of the car used a boot, some ketchup and chicken fillet to "decorate" it.

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  1. America says:

    How can a neglected Ferrari be parked in a side parking lot just off the street in Ukraine and not stripped bare yet? Am i missing something here? Why has it not been targeted yet?

  2. America says:

    “As we can see its disc has cracked, how much does the replacement cost?” – both front wheels appear to be cracked. It’s been hooned!

  3. JimBeam says:

    Car in snow: Shape of license plate looks like from USA or Canada, all ex-USSR countries have long plates, not almost square.

    Nobody has told the owner of Ferrari (has German number) that Ukrainian roads are not for such low cars? And if it was abandoned, it would be dirty.

    • America says:

      For a Ferrari it is dirty, and abandoned doesn’t always mean someone is never coming back for it. A supercar that’s been cast aside, dirty, cracked rims, in a public parking lot, and not doesn’t seem to be getting fixed anytime soon is “abandoned”.

    • Jordan says:

      Car in the snow has New Jersey plates.

  4. matt says:

    My guess is that the owner of the Ferrari is dead

  5. Peter says:

    The Ferrari still has german plates, it might be stolen………..

  6. Jonny says:

    Well, the license plate is from germany, maybe some guy forgot it there. :)

  7. Lostness says:

    The consequence of driving an expensive (and generally useless for anything but showing off) car on Ukrainian roads. The lesson is, if you are going to own a car in Ukraine, buy something that can take a beating.

    I also think that there was a car like that in Kyiv in 2007-2008 that had the same problem. It has a decent collection of pigeon poo on it.

  8. regulator says:

    And it’s on german plates – probably stolen.

  9. w says:

    Stolen Ferrari. Canadian Honda.

  10. America says:

    The Ferrari reminds me of some cast aside and long neglected supercars parked on the street in the Middle East. Just surprised one can sit on the street in Ukraine without suffering still further abuse. It’s in pretty nice shape, still has a long way to go toward developing that “abandoned” “barn find” like patina. Google image search Abandoned Supercar and you’ll find all sorts of sad lonely supercars awaiting a savior to come along.

  11. roar says:

    Ferrari most probably is stolen in Germany. Maybe thanks to this site owner will get it back

  12. America says:

    The Ferrari plate seems to be a nod to it being a “Superleggara Italia 458″.

    Googling “SL IT 458″ (in quotes) finds some pics of it during it’s better days, posing on the atreet in Kyiv. It’s a number plates site that has it filed under “Germany/District of Schleswig-Flensburg”, although 1 of the 4 pics can only be linked to through google.

    • America says:

      Googling “Ferrari 458 yellow kiev” and “Ferrari 458 Kiev” finds a few other pics as well…

      A Flickr photo set “Kiev Supercars” has 3 yellow 458s in it. 1 this plate, 1 another UA plate, 1 no plate up front.

      There’s also a couple of pics of a yellow 458 in a Kiev parking garage that may be it, no plate up front to confirm though. It’s parked next to a red Ferrari 599.

      Never did find any pics of one neglected and covered in pigeon poo as mentioned above though…

  13. RB says:

    maybe no one can afford the toe truck and new tire and the gas millage would really suck.

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