36 How To Sink the Bridge For One Million Dollars?

How To Sink the Bridge For One Million Dollars?

Posted on November 14, 2012 by team

A new bridge appeared in the Kirov region of Russia. Thirty million rubles (one million dollars) was spent to build it.

The opening of the bridge was solemnly celebrated.

Even the pope was there.

And the authorities came too. “We are opening the bridge for one million dollars…!”

But one month has passed…


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36 Responses to “How To Sink the Bridge For One Million Dollars?”

  1. America says:

    Why does it appear to be half wood, half metal and concrete? Russia…

    • (r)evolutionist says:

      You utilize the resources you have. You “dance with the one who brung you.” (get it?)

      • Peterus says:

        Yeah, this is style how here Gypsies build their houses-they utilize, what they have or find. But in russia they use this method to build bridges :-)

        • Ali from Upfuqistan says:

          At least it wasn’t a Chinese built bridge; in that case it would have been built out of rubbish and exploded in the night.

      • America says:

        Yes, i get it. The politician who brought the money to build the bridge is corrupt and wants most of the money kicked back to himself, and the construction owner wants to steal as much of what is left for himself too, so his engineers make do with what little is left to build the bridge, and this is what you get. No wonder they need (to pay) an Orthodox priest to bless the project…it didn’t work. :D

        So know they get to do it all over again. Only this time it will cost much more, so that there is enough money left to build the bridge after all the crooks get theirs.

    • America says:

      Nevermind the wood part, the pedestrian railings on either side of the concrete spans lane aren’t even the same railing! Looks like Russian gypsies built it. Doubt any engineering went into it at all. Apparently brains weren’t one of the resource the had on hand. :D

  2. Dev says:

    It was built without a proper deep foundation. Typical of people who are totally clueless…..sad really. I wish them well in the future.

  3. screwball says:

    So, one million dollars were lost. However, I would ask the pope to return the fee for his services. He performed awfully..

  4. Murphy says:

    For my opinion the bridge was build too low (see second picture from top). This did not get into the assumption that in certain part of the year the level of water rises. And then you have a underwater bridge.

  5. JJ says:

    One million dollars, split as follows: 500.000 for the governor and his staff, 200.000 for the general director of the firm building the bridge, 200.000 for various inspectors on both the regional and federal level, 90.000 for local mafia and the police, 10.000 for the builders to build something that looks like a bridge. Cheers to a deal well done !

  6. matt says:

    Yeah, that priest must be really embarrassed right about now..

  7. roofius says:

    6 photos
    The governor
    The oppositionist
    It has stolen all of money
    It the agent of the USA

  8. banana says:

    you make another bridge. end of story. that’s engineering folks

  9. Fernando says:

    PAsa en mexico todo el tiempo!, hasta que cambiemos nuestra forma de ser y de pensar, dejara de pasar, y de seguro, nadie es culpable

  10. Emperor Norton says:

    So whose brother in the Russian government was the contractor?

  11. ptc says:

    Russia. If they can lay asphalt directly on snow to create road, they can build bridges directly on water surface too – and when money runs out (most money was stolen, anyway) they build the rest of bridge on anchored ships. Perfect. If it lasted one month, it is far more I expected – only few hours…..

  12. Fred Johnson says:

    Yeah, tell us again how much better russia is than the capitalist pig USA.

  13. Osip says:

    Considerations should be given to relieving the priest of his duties. Obviously, he doesn’t hold much sway with God.

  14. murphs law says:

    Nice to see the Pope open some pissy bridge in shitsville Russia…but it actually looks like a russian othodox priest to me…

  15. ProudGerman says:

    Russia has problems with engineering defects.

    • petrohof says:

      sadly it appears they always have had corruption and low quality, but are we really that much better? our country is also now falling apart and it costs 1000 times what the real cost should be and takes 10 years to do a 1 year job.

  16. jusa says:

    Thank your holy czar that the Soviets never launched their nukes agains the Americans. They would have needed to have a towboat bring their ICBM’s to continental US

  17. The Spoon says:

    Looks a lot like the river level has risen considerably as well.

  18. Apu Gupta says:


  19. guest says:

    Nikita Belykh – ex-business partner of US-backed “anti-corruption activist” Alexei Navalny.

  20. America says:

    So what’s it cost to have a Russian Orthodox priest in shitsville Russia bless your bridge? They way those guys roll it can’t be cheap. Is anyone not corrupt in Russia?

  21. jeffrey pigden says:

    The worst part is that the 1M $US came from the US as infrastructure rebuilding grants!

  22. (r)evolutionist says:

    Religion dulled the common sense of the pols and engineers. (like an opiate, for example?)

  23. tom says:

    This is just pure Russia!

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