27 World Biggest Helicopter: Mi 26

World Biggest Helicopter: Mi 26

Posted on November 13, 2012 by team


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27 Responses to “World Biggest Helicopter: Mi 26”

  1. Erikas says:

    A truly beautiful piece of Russian engineering.

  2. A.Oscar Antonio Oscar says:

    By A.Oscar 14/11/2012! The most problems about famous be the USA stronger country in the world: inclusive in the most part’s of the world still thinking was them invented just about everything. I know for many years be the Russian the ones invented the helicopter, that it’s why having the bigger helicopter in the world, and also the transport airplane too. Also the first toilet in the airplanes; also invented, by the Russians. We must saying America yes his most destructible country in the world; all the inventions like nuclear bomb was for destruction, inclusive the oil to produce gasoline and Ford that build the car. The Earth are suffering because USA in many ways: with hope in case of a third world war not going to be using many Nukes than living creatures included humans will vanish.

    • MrSatyre says:

      Is your self esteem really that low? You do realize, don’t you, that you are only serving to further the stereotype that all Russians have such poor opinions of themselves that they feel the need to constantly tell everyone how great they are and how much everyone else sucks. It’s kind of like boasting, which you do better than any other nation on the planet. You either invented it first or you do it better. And you aren’t responsible for anything bad. Ever. You should be very proud.

    • bob says:

      Are you saying FORD build the FIRST car?!?!!?

      BENZ built the first car! The GERMANS invented the first internal combustion engine; gas, diesel, etc.

      Holy cow, I’m POLISH and I knew that!

  3. Tiger says:

    Great piece of engineering!

    • Nanavit says:

      Russaian engg is for bigest
      German engg is for advancement
      Japanese engg is for quality
      American engg is for destruction

  4. Captain Obvious says:

    Those are big whirlybirds.

  5. Jordan says:

    I want to see photos of the plant that makes that disgusting green paint on the control panels. That plant must be huge.

  6. Jordan says:

    PS to the Facebook poster: A Chinook could lift a Mi 26 as well. Helicopters — by design — are not terribly heavy.

    • moot says:

      Good Luck with that. A Chinook couldn’t lift a Mi-26 actually 2 Chinooks would have a hard time lifting one Mi-26. Many people don’t realize that Mi-26 has similar cargo hold as C-130, that’s how big it is!

    • Aokromes says:

      No, Chinook can’t lift a Chinook, that’s why they use MI-26.


      In Spring 2002, a civilian Mi-26 was leased to recover two U.S. Army MH-47E Chinook helicopters from a mountain in Afghanistan. The Chinooks, operated by the 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment, had been employed in Operation Anaconda, an effort to drive al Qaeda and Taliban fighters out of the Shahi-Kot Valley and surrounding mountains. They ended up stranded on the slopes above Sirkhankel at altitudes of 2,600 metres (8,500 ft) and 3,100 metres (10,200 ft). While the second was too badly damaged to recover, the first was determined to be reparable and estimated to weigh 12,000 kilograms (26,000 lb) (with all fuel, rotors, and non-essential equipment removed), which exceeded the maximum CH-53E payload of 9,100 kilograms (20,000 lb) at an altitude of 2,600 metres (8,500 ft).[2]

  7. scud-werfer says:

    great, thank you!!!!

  8. alessio says:

    Russia should restart to do what they are best in!
    But for civil and commercial use this time.
    THese so called monsters of the cold war could be pearls of a new age.
    Restart bulding your helicopters and space shuttles. So we can experience a less boring age!

  9. Big D says:

    They build big because they are compensating!

  10. Tutan says:

    Romanian helicopter ROMM is the biggest one in the world!!!!The ROMM can lift up and take to scrapyard one Mi-26 per hour!!!!!!!

  11. Elena says:

    It’s a biggest helicopter in the world! my husband is a captain of this type of helicopter Mi-26.

  12. Francis says:

    I enjoy skybirds!

  13. Jesus S says:

    Super ♥ ♥ ♥ ;-)

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