7 In Autumn, 1943, Part III

In Autumn, 1943, Part III

Posted on November 13, 2012 by team

Now goes the final and the most spectacular event of the reconstruction devoted to Kiev liberation from the Nazi invaders. 800 people and 30 units of equipment took part in it. You are about to see the event with the eyes of one participant who was on the battlefield and in the trenches. See the previous reports: 1, 2.

The Soviet tanks are approaching the left bank of the Dnieper river. They were careful and the Germans didn’t notice anything. The Nazi spy planes detected Soviet tanks and large weapons on the previous places, but they were made from logs.


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7 Responses to “In Autumn, 1943, Part III”

  1. ProudGerman says:

    How many times do they do this over?

    It may be time to move on.

    • Jordan says:

      Sore loser?

      In America people reenact the civil war all the time. Southerners dress in grey and northerners in blue, and they go reenact some battle and then head off to the bar and have beer with each-other afterward.

    • banana says:

      in your dreams. Germany built six submarines for Israel at cost price. The Nazis exist to make Stalin look like a “good guy”. WW2 was the carte blanche excuse for a lot of the Allies to be scum. How many countries has the USA,UK and USSR invaded since ’45? A lot more than Germany in WW2.

  2. Erikas says:

    I like these reenactments, good to remember and interesting and historical for the public.

  3. Scout19K says:

    As a ProudAmerican I was involved in historical re-enactments here in the states and I loved it. Now I dress up on Veterans Day and give a living history demonstration.

  4. XyuH says:

    I am not trying to be a smart ass but putting those gas cans in the front of the car seems like a dumb idea. A well placed shot from a sniper rifle will turn that vehicle into blaze

    • Corey says:

      Or you watch too many movies… and a well placed shot will put a hole in one and it will leak on the ground… woop dee doo

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