0 Shelter of the Iron and Steel Works Plant

Shelter of the Iron and Steel Works Plant

Posted on November 12, 2012 by team

Nizhny Tagil is not a big but important city in the Sverdlovsk region. Its shelters cannot save from nuclear wars but can protect people in case of accidents at local production sites.

Nizhny Tagil Iron and Steel Works Plant occupies a huge territory of the city. It is a giant plant with beautiful aggregates.

It is a water tower of the plant.

From the roof one can observe blast furnaces.

Unneeded gas is burnt.

These are local cooling ponds.

Shelf life of the protective equipment has passed long ago.

It’s the map of the city.

We are coming to the toilet.

It’s the check point.

It’s the only telephone in the shelter.

Some asbestos has been found.

It is filtration and ventilation equipment.

Of course, it has a first-aid post.

It reads “First-aid post”.

The diesel power plant looks new.

This tank is with oil.

It reads diesel fuel.

Once we will come back to the shelters of this city.

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