18 In Autumn 1943, Part II: the Germans

In Autumn 1943, Part II: the Germans

Posted on November 11, 2012 by team

Last week we started to show you the photographs from the big reconstruction devoted to the 69th anniversary of Kiev liberation from the fascist conquerers. Now you can see the second portion of the photos from the event.

In autumn 1943 the troops of Wehrmacht, defending Kiev, managed to repel the advance of the Soviet troops twice. Their defence on the right bank of the Dnieper was quite reliable and they still planned to change the course of the fighting and move back to the east.
They didn’t expect the massive attack of the Red Army from the north in November, 3rd, 1943. They were drinking their coffee, taking photos near their guns and were doing morning exercises…

The Germans do not expect to be attacked.

Everything is mined.

It’s the interior of the German dugout.

The chef cooks pea soup with smoked ribs.

These are Italian soldiers.

“Lenin didn’t promise you anyhting!”

More weapons are coming.

Next morning won’t be this calm…

What do we have for breakfast?

The guns are to be cleaned.

Now it’s silent here but tomorrow…

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18 Responses to “In Autumn 1943, Part II: the Germans”

  1. tea pot says:

    flame thrower = cool. fork and spoon combination = cool.

  2. K Scott says:

    Wow! Awesome pics…

  3. Daniel says:

    Why any Russian would want to put on a Nazi uniform, let alone a uniform of the SS is beyond me!
    However, I admire the authenticity of the uniforms, equipment and fieldworks.

    • Fred Johnson says:

      It’s called re-enactment. They’re not doing it because they are thinking what the Germans thought.

      God…. Think “Movies”.

  4. DougW says:

    But a flamethrowing spork would be COOL!

  5. ProudGerman says:

    Why does Russia continue to play reenactments like this? Very strange.

    • VDV bob says:

      They can be proud, and many other coutries should do it on such larges scales as in russia, remembering the past, the horrific war, with such details, and passion, is the only way.

  6. Fred Johnson says:

    big production.

  7. Alex says:

    I see Jagermeister and a colorful poster inside a house. Makes me think its 2012

  8. somebody says:

    heh i see a jagermeister there

  9. sabot says:

    W?hy are the krauts using mosin nagants and a tokarev?

  10. Hessian says:

    Just looks like a load of Russians dressed up as toy soldiers in 2012

  11. Amadeus says:

    My father (german) was there! He is 91yrs
    old now. He tells me stories of when he was afraid to go to sleep at night, not only of the
    bombardments but also of the cold. He always thought he was not going to wake up the next morning. He was a young (22yr) man. He had NO CHOICE. If he refused he would have received a bullet to the head. He told me he was billeted (put up with a russian family) for a while and while he was there (waiting for the next assault) he helped around the household (fixing things). They actually became friends. There was an 18yr old daughter in the house and I thought ‘hubba, hubba’. But, no, he said there was a very stricked moral code and if he would have been found guilty of indecency (ie:rape) he would have been shot on the spot (no trial). I am not trying to make any excusses for what happened during WW2, just trying to say that most young people that ‘end up’ in the army don’t know what they are getting into!!!!!!
    My father suffers to this day from the memories.

    • Amadeus says:

      PS: I would like to add that I am not impressed by big boys playing tough. The reality is not pretty. Innocent women, children and old people get killed and MAIMED. It is not something to have fun with.Excuse my RANT.

      • Kriss says:

        Oh yes, Amadeus – whole German army were enlisted by force young, innocent guys. Really. And they did not kill judes, rape woman and kill civilians. Especially im Wehrmacht which speciality was to defend ! innocent russian girls and help in homeworks. 40 mln civilian were killed by accident. Do you still belive in fairy tales?

        • Manuel says:

          Oh Kriss – whole German army were violent, blood-thirsty brutes who volunteered. Really. And they all killed judes (not sure what you are trying to do here. Use the English word “jews” or the correct German plural “Juden”.) Wehrmacht’s speciality was raping innocent russian girls and burning villages. That was all they did. They single-handedly killed over one thousend million billion people, just because Germans are an evil and blood-thirsty race. No civilians died from hunger, cold or the general hardships of war. No civilians were killed by the red army. Each German has the blood of the innocent Jewish babies he stabbed with his bayonett on his hands! All the allied reports about the cruel Germans are 110% true and no propaganda at all. They didn’t have their own war-crimes to justify, because they didn’t commit war-crimes. Do you still belive in fairy tales?

  12. Pigeon says:

    Not enough K98k’s and G/K43’s to go around, it seems.

  13. Kecap says:

    CCCP had so many man to sacrifice in battle, many more than Germany. Those German were strong but Soviet was strong and crazy in a good way. I cannot recall a battle when Soviet army surrendered.

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