13 Helicopters As Museum Exhibits

Helicopters As Museum Exhibits

Posted on November 8, 2012 by team

We’ve been to Monino museum several times. And it’s always good to be back there. This time we are going to concentrate on the helicopters which can be seen in the place.

V-12 – a heavy military transport helicopter KB Milya is meeting us first.


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13 Responses to “Helicopters As Museum Exhibits”

  1. ProudGerman says:

    Who picks out colors in Russia they are very ugly and the helicopters are crude looking.

    • Tiger says:

      like the German helicopters…oh wait a second…!

      As of the design and coloring, meh…a VW Passat or Golf is not really a design icon either…nor is a Porsche. In fact, most German cars are (or at least used to) be very good and reliable, but they never won the design award.

      • 山下智久love the nokia lumia says:

        hey!tiger~you’re from germany right?
        actually i like hyundai motor better..
        you know the hyundai motor designs are very beautiful so they have to win the market!~
        hyundai motor in the future become the greatest threat for the volkswagen..(⊙_⊙)

  2. George says:

    Russian Helicopters are much more sturdy than their western contemporaries; they were built closer to be closer to a tank than airplane.

    • America says:

      They may be sturdy but that is ridiculousness to say they are closer to tanks then aircraft when it comes to durability of design. Maybe closer to a light duty truck then aircraft.

  3. Daniel says:

    What, no Mi-8? The greatest helicopter of all time!
    Probably because all the Mi-8s are still working.

  4. HelicopterFan says:

    The “imported vehicle” is an American-made Piasecki H-21.

  5. RB says:

    I love these pictures please please dont ever stop posting these. I wish they had a nice dry place to be so they could last for a hundred years and the children will marvel.

  6. BC says:

    Daniel look again, there are at least 2 Mi-8’s

  7. zax says:

    By the way, Mil V-12 is officialy the largest helicopter ever built. :)

  8. MikeFromCanada says:

    Russian’s make fine helicopters. My country leased Mi-8’s and Mil Mi-17’s in Afghanistan. The civil sector also uses Russian helicopters carrier, medium lift and heavy lift. Especially in the oil and gas industry. They are work horses for sure. And they just look cool!

  9. Ian says:

    As for the “imported foreign model” it is a Piasecki H-21 often known as a flying banana. The company, under the new name of Vertol, went on to develop the Chinook. I am interested in how one came to be in the former Soviet Union. Was it one that the US military left behind in Vietnam, and then subsquently sent to the Soviet Union for study by the victorious Vietnamese communists?

  10. Mike from USA says:

    I wish you had more pictures of the Mi-10, by itself.

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