13 Cool Steampunk Keyboard

Cool Steampunk Keyboard

Posted on November 8, 2012 by team

One guy from Russia likes to modify old ordinary stuff. This is one of his works – the keyboard modified to look as one from the nineteenth century!

Get some steampunk inspiration!

The programs he used: ОС — Debian testing, software — Blender, LibreCAD, Inkscape.


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13 Responses to “Cool Steampunk Keyboard”

  1. Richard S says:

    Maybe he should mass produce them. I would buy one! Retro is in!

  2. Yorkshire says:

    It’s a pity he’s using a membrane keyboard though.

  3. XyuH says:

    They should start sellin this on Ebay

  4. Tovarich Volk says:

    Beautiful piece of work! –Also, it’s nice to see ER showing people what can be achieved using FOSS on a FOSS (Linux) platform. –Hopefully people stuck using Windows will get a clue.

  5. OD1N says:

    wow. looks like from XIX century. jack the reaper`s keyboard )

  6. Jordan says:

    This is really cool but I agree with the above about a membrane keyboard. He should have started with a mechanical switch keyboard like the Das, or at least an original Model M.

  7. asd says:

    takuiu zhal obkroshit’ pechen’em i oblit’ pivom

  8. RB says:

    but still he did it all by hand. Not many people can do this. Here in the west there are no ambition to do all these beautiful things I see coming from all over Russia. Its very sad here we have things way to easy and people are becoming very lazy and fat. The children don’t get outside enough and there id way too much TV and video games and internet. Everyone has I phone and hardly any one exercises.

  9. Me says:

    “Yorkshire” and “Jordan” if you want to argue about which donor keyboard is better than another, then I suggest YOU go and build one for yourself, rather than pontificating on here. At least the BUILDER of this impressive bit of kit has the balls and talent to do so, I somehow suspect that you two might be lacking in that department!

    • jordan says:

      *Because* this thing is so cool, I think it’s a shame to use a squishy keyboard. The result is something that clearly took a lot of work and craftsmanship, and looks awesome, but when you go to type on it, I’m afraid, it will feel squishy just like any modern $15 keyboard.

      It’s sad to see so much work and craftsmanship go into something that looks awesome but won’t feel awesome to use. A keyboard that looks like that should have a satisfying typewriter-like “chunk” movement when you press a key, not a squishy movement.

  10. Jocasta says:

    Steampunks aka Pointless Pricks

    • Steve says:

      I agree, but there is something to brass and wood instead of sterile plastic. Doesn’t make me want to pilot an airship.

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