10 My Expensive Hobby

My Expensive Hobby

Posted on November 7, 2012 by team

These cars always stand out from the rest. A photographer Maxim Shatrov met with the owners of stylish retro cars whose hobby is quite expensive. But the result seems to worth it.

Simbek was born and grew in the aul. He liked cars since childhood, made them from aluminium wire. After the army he worked as a driver in the aul. It’s when he started to assemble his first car Zhiguli of 1974.

This is GAZ M-21, 1959.

Simbek started to assemble it in the beginning of the 90s, after the USSR collapse. He recollects that only civil servants and WWII veterans drove such cars. He spent 15 000 dollars for the GAZ.

This is GAZ M-1, 1937.

Grandfather of Simbek came from the war by this car. The roads of the aul were not suitable for it so it was not used much. In the beginning of the 70s it was in a poor condition and stood in the garden. Seven years ago Simbek tried to restore the car. It was hard because original spare parts were almost impossible to be found. All in all Simbek spent 35 000 dollars to restore this GAZ.

This is GAZ M-21, 1965.

This car belonged to a friend of Simbek’s father. The spare parts were searched all over the world, relatives and friends were helping too. The restoration of this car cost 20 000 dollars.

This is Mercedes-Benz E280.

The owner of this car, Mukhtar, works in a commercial company, retro cars are his hobby. This car was produced in 1971. Mukhtar fell in love when saw it. It was made for the USA but brought to Japan while it was made in Germany. The Kazakh people brought it from Japan to Pavlodar.

The Kazakh buyers planned to use it for solemn events but their business was not successful and they had to sell it. So Mukhtar bought for 30 000 dollars. He has already participated in the rally and magazines are having some interest to the car too.

This is Moskvitch M-401, 1946.

It was bought in 2000 by Andrey as a scrap heap. He invested 12 000 dollars to restore the car. Two “Pobedas” are waiting for their turn in his garage. The “Moskvitch” is being used for various rallies and photoshoots.

ZAZ 965A, 1965.

Pavel bought this car 10 years ago and was restoring it for three years. It was also hard to find origibal parts. He was doing everything by himself.


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10 Responses to “My Expensive Hobby”

  1. Andrei says:


  2. America says:

    Up through the 1990s we used to see Caddy Eldo convertibles around southwest Florida all the time. The Germans who winter over here absolutely loved cruising them. Sadly there are far fewer to be seen these days. A classic American cruiser. Quite an experience to drive.

  3. OD1N says:

    Cool retros. btw kazakh number plates look like the same in GB

  4. Faith Gorodki says:

    The first car I ever drove was a ’74 Moskvits Elite 1500. I was 14 and it was better than my first time with a woman. Much better.

  5. MikeFromCanada says:

    That Gaz-13 1978 looks a lot like a 1956 Chevy. At least the Russians skipped the Ford Pinto.

  6. (r)evolutionist says:

    “Do you want to have a retro car?” No, I want a retro ideology (7 Nov. 1917). And I despise Elvis….

  7. CZenda says:

    W123 used to be a fav car of local gipsies :D

  8. ada says:

    6k dollars for W123 buys you a car in a decent condition in Europe. Really, these prices are out of the blue sky.

  9. Drivel says:

    Gleb bout a 73 VAZ 2101 for 1500 AND still had to do 600 worth of motor work?! Well not a full 600, he did get those crappy steelies. Wonder how much he got ripped for those? Probably cut the springs too.

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