16 In Autumn 1943

In Autumn 1943

Posted on November 7, 2012 by team

These are the photos from the big military and historical reconstruction devoted to the 69th anniversary of Kiev liberation from the fascist conquerers.
800 people from more than ten countries took part in the event. They all travelled back to early November, 1943.

In the field conditions, under the rain, appeared a camp of the Red Army, some miles away, in trenches and dugouts, the Wehrmacht occupied its defensive positions.

On the last day of the festival they made a reconstuction of the battle that took place on the third of November, 1943 right here. More than thirty units of military equipment were used.

They spend a night in the camp.

The motocyclist is coming with a message.

Hot tea can save in such a gloomy atmosphere.

Infantry and signalmen, engineers and naval infantry, the artillery and the Cossacks are here all together.

These soldiers are still young.

Field kitchen is here too.

They have to feed more than 300 people.

It’s the best thing in the morning!

The medical worker drinks hot tea.

They have a barber in the field too.

The girl is responsible for mobile communications.

They are checking if everything is all right.

They will need a lot of logs at night.

These roads are a challenge for motorcycles.

American vehicles do it better.

Medical workers are following the guide.

More soldiers are coming.

A military concert is held in the camp at night.

They sing songs and read letters.

Texts in the letter touch the souls.

Morning of the decisive day has come.

The units are regrouping to attack the Germans next.

The Germans are coming…

To be continued…

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16 Responses to “In Autumn 1943”

  1. xm3 says:

    Why they doing it ???

  2. ihs says:

    great show ! very nice photos . But got one question do you reconstruct GUAG camps also ?

  3. Boris says:

    No. Do the Americans recreate how they killed the Indians by influenza infection, or do Germans recreate concentration camps, or do Christians recreate witch burning? Or do you just say that the liberation of Kiev was in the same league of crimes?

  4. Testicules says:

    Nazis had cooler uniforms.

  5. alessio says:

    Nice tribute.
    But did the ukrainians really wanted to be occupieduh sorry I mean “liberated” by Satan Stalin ?
    anyway the tribute is nice.
    Now a tribute to the Ukrainian holodomor that happened earlier, before fashist occupation

  6. RB says:

    RIP to all the brave people I can never forget what they did to Stalingrad I watch the movie many times so I dot forget. Its so sad that so many had to die and for what?

  7. MikeFromCanada says:

    Now all we need are some NKVD and some Poles and a place called Katyn to make it authentic.

    • vorontsevich says:

      If you want the complete picture, have some Poles turn down Soviet offers for an alliance against Germany, prior to the non-aggression pact and Katyn.

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