6 The Power of Collective Energy

The Power of Collective Energy

Posted on November 6, 2012 by team

This project is the result of the work which lasted for eight years. A phenomenon of collective energy was being investigated, interaction between the individual and collective, social connections.

Fifty black and white photographs, each three meters wide, are presented in the project. Each panorama depicts various collectives – factory workers, parishioners, stadium builders, presidential regiment, military pilots, etc.
They were shooting all over Ukraine. The aim was to show how powerful a collective might be.

Troops photographed in Kiev, 2007.


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6 Responses to “The Power of Collective Energy”

  1. KhleSmizth says:

    Wow those are some amazing pics!

  2. Andrei says:


  3. JimBeam says:

    After gathering such big crowds, they could ask them to dance and film Bollywood-style video clips!

  4. Anatole says:

    To head off the comments from some of our American friends who bristle at the mention of anything ‘collective’, I’d just add that every workplace and gathering is collective. We all work together to make society function, even though the benefits only go to a few. These photos show the spirit of cooperation that process can make possible.

  5. Jim Philopena says:

    No, I just was wondering why all those people were gathering to be “shot”. What did they do wrong that they were going to shoot them?


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