6 At 50 Life Only Begins!

At 50 Life Only Begins!

Posted on November 6, 2012 by team

Svetlana from Gorodeya village of Belarus lives up to the hilt: she drives a car, wears Hessian boots, tight dresses and coats. At that she is already 52 and she is sure that at the age of 50 life only begins.

Three years ago she weighed 107 kg (235 lb) at the height 172 cm (68 inches). It was hard to carry such a weight and she decided to lose some. The process went slowly but surely. She didn’t take any pills, only chose proper food.


6 Responses to “At 50 Life Only Begins!”

  1. Viktor99 says:

    Something to be very proud of. Good for you, Svetlana!

  2. Daniel says:

    Now take a cruise and get a twenty year-old Italian lover.

  3. Tiger says:

    Congrats Madam!

  4. Cedre says:

    Such a big change!! Well done!

  5. mamba69 says:

    She still ugly

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