20 The City of Contrasts At Night

The City of Contrasts At Night

Posted on November 5, 2012 by team

Grozny is the capital city of the Chechen Republic, Russia. Inside this post you can see nice photos of the city at night, some of them are taken from above. Let’s see the sight of night Grozny now.

It reads “Ramzan, thanks for Grozny!”


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20 Responses to “The City of Contrasts At Night”

  1. (r)evolutionist says:

    Yes, Ramzan, thank you for turning back the clock to feudalism, tribalism, anti-intellectualism, misogyny, cult of personality, fundamentalism.

  2. America says:

    McKayla Maroney is not impressed.

    • Alex says:

      Given the fact that 7 years ago this was the most ruined city by war in the world. Thanks Putin! I’m very impressed!

      • Tiger says:

        What is to be impressed of here? Half a million Russians were driven off and killed here before 94, then there were two wars with approximately more than 20,000 dead on the Russian side alone, terrorism and crime spread within the country, and then the poor Russian taxpayer pays for their de facto independence again. Yes, this the side of the Putin government I cannot identify with. He has done many good things, but nationality policy and the North Caucasus is not his bright side.

        • JZ says:

          It was a tough decision but it hab to be done, that region was going out of control (not without “investment” and interest of certain western agencies of course) so the situation had to be stabilized somehow, it’s hard for a common citezen to understand why this had to be done, but otherwise it would have been a festering wound on Russian land. People too often too fast jump to conclusions without even taking into consideration what is really going on.

          • Tiger says:

            Yes, now every time we take the metro in Moscow we have to pray that no muslim whackjobs explodes himself in the wagon. The Russian elite still has not understood that muslims and Christians can not live together peacefully. Better let them go and seal off the borders and repatriate them to their new islamic states – basta! That is safer and cheaper. Russia does not need the mountains of Chechnya and Dagestan or Ingushetia. Just send all the radicals there and let do over there as they please.

        • guest says:

          Chechnya and Dagestan borders should be moved back past the river and Kizlyar. Russia could revive the Terek Oblast and it could serve its important purpose as a security buffer between the Caucasus and Moscow.

          Russia has about 9 million Cossacks – up from 500,000 20 years ago – who would probably settle there.

          • Tiger says:

            Well, did you know that the Yelzin government was actually disarming the Terek Cossacks and the Kuban Cossacks back in the 90s, so they were defenseless? No slowly they are being rearmed. The next hot spot is no cooking in Stavropol and Krasnodar. The muslims get more aggressive and drive off the the others, village after village. This is the next civil war to come if nothing happens.

  3. Tiger says:

    That is Russian taxpayer money wasted on fundamentalist muslims in the Northern Caucasus. Give them independence, deport all of them to their homelands and let them pay for their own party with their own money. This is not Russia anymore anyway since the Chechens killed and drove out half a million non-muslims from the area. So either Russia loses the muslim republics or it will lose the whole south up to the Don.

  4. Mke Talino says:

    Ten years ago, it was just ruins. Cluster bombs, MLRS, everything but the tactical nukes – how quickly have they rebuilt it.

    • Tiger says:

      Actually it was rebuilt by guest workers. The Chechens were too proud to lift a finger. They prefer human trafficking, drug and arms trade and other more profitable enterprises. The story goes that the turkish and central asian guestworkers, although being muslims themselves like the chechens (although not of the specific sufi branch the Chechens are devoted to), were not paid but beaten up by the police and then deported without being paid for.

  5. zlikovatz says:

    Potemkin villages…

  6. Richard S says:

    Symbols of oppression!

  7. ho fo sho says:

    Looks cheesy. Like some kind of Islamic Vegas or Disney World…

    If I were a Russian taxpayer, I’d be pissed about this

  8. Adrian says:

    This is just the city center. Nothing to praise with.

  9. Maesrobert says:

    What incredible racism on display here – a real education! And a total lack of historical awareness. Q: Since when did Chechnia become part of Russia? A: Since it was invaded by Russia and forced to become part of Russia. (For Russia/Chechnia subsitute any 2 countries in an imperial power/colony relationship over the past 200+ years).

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