10 One of the Best Moscow Hotels

One of the Best Moscow Hotels

Posted on November 5, 2012 by team

Hotel “Leningradskaya” was located in one of the Stalin’s Seven Sisters (seven similar high-rise buildings built in the 1950s). Today there is a five star hotel there. It has less rooms, the design has changed as well. Bathroom equipment, furniture and household appliances are all new. However the hotel has preserved the best from “Leningradskaya”: the decor, splendour, grandiosity. Many guests of the city stay there just to see its bronze grids, chandeliers, ceilings and furniture made from precious wood.

Today the hotel has 273 rooms. Each room has an individual air conditioner, climate control, satellite TV, an electric lock with a key card, a mini-bar, a coffee machine, a safe where a laptop can be stored, iron, a hair dryer, a gown and slippers.

After the reconstruction that finished in 2009 it opened as a Hilton hotel (as a part of the company Hilton Worldwide).

The sign says “Hilton. Hotel Leningradskaya”.

The interior is inspired by the ancient Russian architecture, including temple architecture.

The hotel was being built in 1949-53.

According to the idea of the designers the architecture of the hotel had to resemble the architecture of the XVIII century.

The interior of the hotel contrasts with the exterior.

For this splendour the architects were deprived of the Stalin Prize and punished.

Nikita Kruchev ordered to remove the original fretwork from its ceilings and paitings from the rooms.

It’s the place of the concierge.

Some details are even listed in the Book of Guinness World Records.


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10 Responses to “One of the Best Moscow Hotels”

  1. Nergol says:

    Classy joint.

    • schtuka says:

      I doubt that. Besides Hilton expertise and money you need to inject western understanding of service. Most of the people in Moscow service whether it’s a concierge or a waitress act like you insult them by being their guest.

  2. (r)evolutionist says:

    Against all principles of communism. This is a Stalinist/capitalist white elephant.

  3. SSSR says:

    I think this is the hotel that Motley Crue trashed back in 1989!

  4. Fred Johnson says:

    Even their ceilings spout propaganda….

    • Mke Talino says:

      Being so propagandaphobic, I wonder how you dare to use this website alltogether.

      No, really, dude, there’s a hammer and sickle and a red star up there, I think you hafta start to run away screaming.

  5. Mke Talino says:

    > For this splendour the architects were deprived of the Stalin Prize and punished.

    Where does this bullshit (constantly) come from? The hotel was built to become the most luxury place in Moscow and all the effort was put into that.

    Why, please tell me why they keep telling those stupid scary tales about “monster Stalin” who was so eager to punish, no matter guilty or not, just because he was a maniac?

    Also, Stalin ate kids for lunch!

    • America says:

      Yes, yes! Hitler gets a bad rap too. What is wrong with people? Why can’t the see the truth about these great men?

    • America says:

      Hilton Moscow Leningradskaya Hotel
      Main article: Hotel Leningradskaya
      Originally known simply as the Leningradskaya Hotel, this relatively small (136 meters, 26 floors, of which 19 are usable) building by Leonid Polyakov on Komsomolskaya Square is decorated with pseudo-Russian ornaments mimicking Alexey Shchusev’s Kazansky Rail Terminal[citation needed]. Inside, it was inefficiently planned. Khruschev, in his 1955 decree “On liquidation of excesses…” asserted that at least 1000 rooms could be built for the cost of Leningradskaya’s 354, that only 22% of the total space was rent-able, and that the costs per bed were 50% higher than in Moskva Hotel.[11] Following this critique, Polyakov was stripped of his 1948 Stalin Prize but retained the other one, for a Moscow Metro station. After a multi-million dollar renovation ending in 2008, the hotel re-opened as the Hilton Moscow Leningradskaya.

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