12 Maintenance of S 400 Triumph Anti Aircraft Weapon System

Maintenance of S 400 Triumph Anti Aircraft Weapon System

Posted on November 5, 2012 by team

We are going to visit one of the units of Air Defence in the Moscow region which has a famous Russian anti-aircraft weapon system S-400 “Triumph” of a new generation.

The S-400 uses 3 different missiles to cover its entire performance envelope. These are the extremely long range 40N6, long range 48N6 and medium range 9M96 missile. Each one has different capabilities.

The system is intended to destruct all modern and future means of aero-space attack.

The system was put into service in April, 2007.


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12 Responses to “Maintenance of S 400 Triumph Anti Aircraft Weapon System”

  1. Osip says:

    Okay, WTF is a plasma reflector and what is it doing on the wheels?

    • Andrei says:

      Obviously, it reflects plasma.

      • Osip says:

        I shall answer my own question: It is a protective cap for the ends of the missile tubes. It serves no purpose for the wheels. it is suspended by only simple wire there to keep them organized and out of the way. It is lightweight to allow for the safe exiting of the missile, and protects the missiles in adjacent tubes from the rocket blast.

  2. 99darkness99 says:

    My guess is – that it protects the rear set of wheels during the launch. But why is it on during maintenance?

  3. America says:

    Nice to see properly painted military equipment instead of the all too common adhoc camo paint jobs with we’ve seen on so many Russian military vehicles and buildings. It’s like they used whatever household paints they have available. Purple, pinks, blues, unnatural greens etc. all mixed together as best they can in a “camo” paint job that sticks out like a sore thumb.

  4. Tiger says:

    Very good system this…that is now a good example of Russian engineering! If they could just expand this verve to the other sectors :)

  5. Mummeli says:

    Umm 4800 meters/second you say? Now that’s some speed you got there.

  6. vic says:

    why can not be lunch those missele from transport racks. Will save time and money on equipment..Gest change the wireing cables fr.command center.

    • nikoliy says:

      The launch vehicles have to be digitally linked to the command vehicle. The transports can move back and forth to the supply base and don’t need the equipment for the digital link, making them much cheaper.

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