10 Weird Side of Russian Fashion

Weird Side of Russian Fashion

Posted on November 4, 2012 by team

Russian fashion has a merciless and disturbing side. So disturbing that your eyes may even start bleeding. The fashion of various Russian regions may be quite different from what we usually see on Moscow catwalks. Local companies and factories also advertise their clothes. Some of such ads are inside the post.

Ivanovo: “We dress all Russia!” is a slogan of one local company.

These dresses are from the same company in Ivanovo, they are offered for eight dollars.


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10 Responses to “Weird Side of Russian Fashion”

  1. roofius says:

    its Dressing gownes

  2. Madak says:

    Some of these clothes are horrible, but they are not only a Russian problem; one finds them everywhere.

    BUT… first picture, woman on the right in the black and white dress, holding the catalogue: She’s really cute!

  3. Ego_Des says:

    Bulshit. but true some class dress like this. Just people without taste and ladys after 40 without brains

  4. Ego_Des says:

    Cool sweater on afro guy

  5. Maria van Overbeek says:

    perhaps the fashiondesigner is blind ?

  6. Madak says:

    Hey Ego_Des, not bullshit! She’s nice! In my next lifetime I hope that I meet her. But those shoes have to go.

  7. tom says:

    How’s that first guy Russian?!

  8. Hank says:

    Apart from Princess Lea, that attire can be in anytown USA. Guess why that it is considered “weird” for Russia?

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