20 Once You Move to Moscow

Once You Move to Moscow

Posted on November 4, 2012 by team

One guy decided to move to Moscow and rent an apartment here. Realtors helped him to find a variant and promised that it was quite a cosy flat on the fifth floor of the five storey building. The guy was happy, he paid 670 (they initially wanted 770) dollars for one month living in the apartment and the same sum to the realtors.

When he came to that apartment he saw this…

“Noname” lamp is on the ceiling of the corridor.

Make yourself comfortable on those handmade cushions.

They promised a separate toilet but… The toilet is clogged, by the way.

The kind owner left many colorful bath sponges. Every new dweller was leaving his / her own sponge.

The washing machine doesn’t occupy much space so you can take a bath comfortably.

You can even use a vintage washing machine!

It’s the kitchen with wallpapers of creme brulee color and the lamp which remembers Brezhnev himself.

The stove “Noname” functions well.

The handmade furniture says a lot about the taste of the owners.

The fridge is a contemporary of the Moscow Olympics 1980.


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20 Responses to “Once You Move to Moscow”

  1. CZenda says:

    Pigsty. BTW, the habit of leaving the trash in an apartment must be universal. I am renting an apartment and when the tenants move out, it is often a sawzall job to put it back to its original shape before the next ones move in.

  2. tea cup says:

    It is good to experience something like this in your twenties. I lived in a “foyer des jeunes travailleurs” on the 9th floor. I never paid rent that cheap in my life but then again I never lived in a room where there was carpet on the wall instead of wall paper.

  3. matt says:

    location, location, location… he got what he paid for.. and if not, he should have asked for pictures or checked it out before renting.. derrr

  4. Madak says:

    I have always thought that it was very easy to get ripped off when looking for a place to stay in London. I suppose Moscow is the same. Even worse, if the photoessay shows what is typical for circa US$700 rent.

  5. Czarina Mona says:

    I am shocked it hasn’t burned to the ground yet.

  6. Tiger says:

    Behold the spacious creme brulee condos of the worker´s paradise!

  7. Piotr says:

    Is $700 not extremely cheap for an apartment in Moscow? When I was in St. Petersburg I was told even a small apartment in a slum building costs much more than that to rent.

    • Sad really i can rent a nice small single family home in a true paradise for that kind on money (SW Florida, with one of the lowest crime rates in the state too). May not be a “workers paradise” but it beats the hell out of living in some high crime slumhole city apt.

  8. Tovarich Volk says:

    What a S**thole!. I bet the ‘Creme Brulee’ wall cover isn’t
    paint at all, but the accumulation of 30 or so years of nicotine stains on what had originally been painted white.

  9. kirk says:

    freshen the wallpaper and flooring, minor plumbing, some electrical upgrades. Couple of trips to Ikea and you have a nice flat for 700 a month.

  10. zipp says:

    $700 a month! What did he expect in Moscow? A decent place (a good way out of the centre) would cost 4x that.

  11. DougW says:

    Nothing a couple of bottles of vodka can’t fix.

  12. J Weich says:

    Looks like many a place in the UK today, especially the mostly forgotten (by the government and media), once industrial North..

  13. Fred Johnson says:

    Detroit or chicago again.

  14. Sign says:

    Nice trees outside,i would set up a tent overthere,and put it on rent for 1400$ clean set up and off in 5 minutes,done.

  15. Lusker 41 says:

    Well just looks like some choose to live like that. Just clean the place up fix the household problems :0)

  16. Seb says:

    in France 20 years before I lived in worst places when I was a broke student.
    if the flat is warm in winter, nothing can’t be fixed without a good week of work with some friends an some paint

  17. sherwin says:

    What do you expect for 670 Roubles? As a visitor to Moscow in 2006, there were many central asians from ex USSR states sleeping on the streets who would do anything for an apartment like this.

  18. Hank says:

    That isn’t a building, it’s termites holding hands. I’ve seen better roach motels in Panama City Beach.
    And some of these commenters are saying you should be happy with it?! How crappy life must be for you.

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