0 News From Russian Roads, Part 61

News From Russian Roads, Part 61

Posted on November 1, 2012 by team

Prisoners from the Russian city Novocherkassk have designed an offroad amphibian car. It was named CARDON and was built on the basis of the Russian UAZ within two months. The vehicle is said to be able to overcome any obstacles: sand, mud or water.

The vehicle got an engine of “Volga”, a propeller and large wheels with low pressure tires.

This Cadillac Escalade from Yekaterinburg got the iron hugs of two trams.  They needed special equipment in order the car and the driver could leave the place of the accident.

This unusual car was noticed in Moscow. Can anyone tell what this monster is?

Better don’t carry paint in your car cause even a small accident can end like this…


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