0 The Quarry That Was Luckily Forgotten

The Quarry That Was Luckily Forgotten

Kadykovsky quarry became famous for its flux limestone of a very high quality. But when the place started to be flooded it got abandoned and soon was forgotten. A new project called "Balaklava Green" worth 2 billion dollars is going to bring second life to the quarry. They want to create a resort area here, build hotels,
SPA-centers etc. But for now it's just a shelter for seagulls and ravens that like to enjoy this lake with blue water. The territory of the quarry is closed, by the way. It's forbidden to approach the lake due to the possible danger of rockslides. But the author of these photos took the risk anyway...
5 Experimenting With Electricity

Experimenting With Electricity

The author of these works is Alexey Parshukov but nothing else is known about him. Some say that this is real electric current on his photos. Other say it's
not possible. People keep arguing trying to prove it's them who learnt physics better at school. But what do you think? Can it be real?

6 One Flight Over the Big Russian City

One Flight Over the Big Russian City

Yekaterinburg is a bright city where comparatively ambitious construction projects are being realized. It became the first Russian provincial city where appeared buildings higher than 50 storeys. The capital
of Ural is a large financial and industrial centre, it is the fourth Russian city according to the number of its population. Right now we are going to have an air tour over Yekaterinburg.
4 It Is Uzbekistan

It Is Uzbekistan

A group of Russian photographers was touring along Uzbekistan in October, 2012. This is a
selection of photos which belong to various authors. Look how their cameras saw the country.

7 The Way To the Second Life

The Way To the Second Life

Here they create by breaking. They make raw material, but not from ore or oil. They produce raw material from old cars, fridges, hair dryers,
bread machines, TV sets etc. There are no many enterprises like this in Russia. And this one, "Petromax" company, is run by the Finns.
6 Craziness, Part III

Craziness, Part III

This is just crazy. A strange way of air conditioner installation, menu or a holy father, bottle slippers,
cows being in places where they shouldn't be and other weird stuff in the crazy selection below.
0 In the Gallery of Unusual Wooden Sculptures

In the Gallery of Unusual Wooden Sculptures

Iles Tataev, a man from Grozny, Chechnya, has a gallery house where he exhibits his unique sculptures from ... knurr. Iles has been working in genre and documentary filmmaking for
thirty years and sculpturing was just a hobby. But when he came to Moscow in 1996 his hobby turned into profession and in 1999 the first big exhibition of Iles was opened.
1 Workout of the Clubber

Workout of the Clubber

It is hard to explain what happens on this video and why the guy is training like this. We can only guess. The first thing that comes to
mind is that he's a real clubber. But maybe he knows a super secret exercise system? We hope he didn't hurt himself..
3 Water Intake System of the Hydro Power Plant

Water Intake System of the Hydro Power Plant

We have already written about the Chiryurtskaya hydropower plant (1, 2). Now you are about to see how its water intake is arranged and how Gelbakhskaya hydro power plant is concerned. But let's refer to some history first. In the central mountains of Dagestan, at the confluence of the Avar and Andi Koisu forms a
rapid river Sulak. This is one of the largest river systems of Dagestan with its total length of 144 km (89,5 miles). The complex of the Chiryurtskiye hydro power plants includes three power plants: Chiryurtskaya HPP -1, Chiryurtskaya HPP -2 and Gelbakhskaya HPP (Chiryurtskaya HPP -3).
16 Sunni Mosque That May Die

Sunni Mosque That May Die

The Sunni Mosque or the Mukhtarov Mosque is a historic mosque on the left bank of the Terek River in Vladikavkaz. The
mosque owes its name to the Azerbaijani millionaire Murtuza Mukhtarov who financed its construction in 1900-1908.

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