3 I Dont Care, I Am Cooking Borsch!

I Dont Care, I Am Cooking Borsch!

"We're at the lesson, everybody's
learning... But I don't care, I am cooking

6 Soviet Helicopter Ka 26

Soviet Helicopter Ka 26

The Kamov Ka-26 is a Soviet light utility helicopter with co-axial rotors. The Ka-26 entered production in 1966. 850 have been built.They were used in various sectors of economy but some people associate them
with the Soviet traffic police. Yes, orange and blue Kamov helicopters used to patrol Soviet roads. Today it's a luck to see a Ka-26 in the air, Mi-2 helicopters are far more frequently seen.

0 Underground Magic

Underground Magic

Ruskealsky gap is a place in Karelia. It's a huge hole about ten meters (33 ft) deep with water on its bottom. As locals say it formed in the 1960s after strong explosions
in the neighbouring quarry. The roof of the old waterlogged tunnels broke and fell into the water. A huge hole 20 x 30 m (65x100 ft) appeared on the surface.

4 Ants At Home, Part II

Ants At Home, Part II

Last year we showed you how one guy built a place for his ants to live in. This year he realized that the family
has grown too much and needs another apartment. Attention: better don't read this post while eating.
8 When You Park Your Car In an Unknown Place

When You Park Your Car In an Unknown Place

Sometimes you take a serious risk when you park your car somewhere in Russia in a place you are not sure
about. You probably do not expect to come back and find your car almost fully disassembled...
4 News From Russian Roads, Part 60

News From Russian Roads, Part 60

Sometimes drivers combine driving with something else. They can speak on the phone, for example, or count money, or eat a
hamburger... Some girls can apply make up which is quite dangerous, of course. But look what a bus driver can be occupied with...

1 New Way of Asphalt Laying

New Way of Asphalt Laying

Right before the elections of the city governor the citizens of Ryazan got a royal gift from
the authorities. New asphalt! This time it was laid according to a new technology...

5 Bunker 42

Bunker 42

Looking at this photo you may exclaim "some bunker again!" Is there anything we haven't seen yet? But yes, there
is. This one is in Moscow.  It has a museum inside, but it's only the small part of the whole structure.

4 At the Small Fish Plant

At the Small Fish Plant

This fish plant on the bank of Volga has been producing fish products for more than fifty years. 250 types of fish
products are made there: salted, dried and smoked fish, salmon fillet, fish preserves, seaweed salads etc.
0 In One of the Oldest Moscow Houses

In One of the Oldest Moscow Houses

There is a nice place in Moscow - a house of the Volkov-Yusupovs. It's one of the oldest buildings in Moscow, it was built in the XVII century and was painted and decorated in the end of the XIX century in the
"Russian style". The house of Volkov-Yusupovs appeared in the times of Ivan the Terrible, it used to be surrounded by the forest then and the tsar liked to hunt there and stay in the house.

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