18 Moscow: Thirty Years Later

Moscow: Thirty Years Later

Moscow is rapidly changing, new high-rise buildings are growing and some people like it, others -
don't. Here's a selection of photos to compare Moscow of the 80s with Moscow of the present days.
8 At the Plant Making Beer And Soft Drinks

At the Plant Making Beer And Soft Drinks

It's not the first time we are coming to the Moscow brewing plant "Ochakovo". But the place is worth visiting again. We are
going to show you how they make beer at the plant, show you all these pipes and tanks with the golden liquid.

2 The City Under the Blanket of Clouds

The City Under the Blanket of Clouds

Pyatigorsk is a city in the Stavropol region. Since January 19, 2010, it has been the administrative center of the
North Caucasian Federal District of Russia.You are about to see the city under the white blanket of clouds.
8 Russian Roads: Video Compilation

Russian Roads: Video Compilation

We have shown you a lot of weird, crazy, terrible and funny videos and pictures from Russian
roads. Here is a big compilaton of videos featuring accidents happening in Russian cities.

13 The Small Carpatian Creamery Or The Dream That Came True

The Small Carpatian Creamery Or The Dream That Came True

Peter Prigara is the one whose dream came true. Ten years ago he built a small creamery in the Ukrainian
Carpathians. Today his cheese is eaten far beyond Ukraine as well. His story is rather inspirational.

4 BMW Vs Bridge

BMW Vs Bridge

This terrible accindent happened in Kazan, Tatarstan, and the culprit is the BMW driver. At full speed he rammed the bridge bearing at the new
interchange. But looking at these photos it's so hard to believe that the driver and the passenger both survived and practically weren't injured.

22 Comfort Town In Kiev

Comfort Town In Kiev

A new apartment complex "Comfort Town" was built in Kiev, Ukraine. The housing is of an economy class, the total area of the
complex is almost twenty eight hectares. However it doesn't look Ukrainian at all. You tell us what country it resembles.
9 Extreme Takeoff of An 24

Extreme Takeoff of An 24

This is An-24 plane that is trying to take off on the very very muddy runway. It seems that it won't manage but
it keeps moving and splashing all this mud around. The video was taken in Bodaybo, the Irkutsk region.

10 Inside the Octahedral Protective Objects

Inside the Octahedral Protective Objects

One boy liked to walk in the forest. He walked alone because he lived in a small village and he was the only child there. Recollecting the stories about the war which had been told him by his grandfather he
was dreaming to find something that remained from that immemorial time. He even didn't suspect that he would touch the history  once and find himself in an underground shelter of the war times.
36 Soviet War In Afghanistan

Soviet War In Afghanistan

The Soviet war in Afghanistan was a nine-year war during the Cold War fought by the Soviet Army and the Marxist-Leninist government of the Democratic Republic of Afghanistan against the
Afghan Mujahideen guerrilla movement and foreign "Arab–Afghan" volunteers. The Afghan government fought with the intervention of the Soviet Union as its primary ally.

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