31 Kurban Bairam In Saint Petersburg

Kurban Bairam In Saint Petersburg

Twenty thousand of Muslims gathered to pray near the mosque of St. Petersburg. The traffic was blocked. People were praying on
papers, mats, plaids. Kurban Bairam is going to be celebrated in Moscow today, while in St. Petersburg it happened yesterday.
0 When You Work At the Furniture Making Factory

When You Work At the Furniture Making Factory

No matter how you earn a living you have some free time at work sometimes. How do you spend this time? A couple of guys who work at a factory producing
furniture use this time usefully and creatively. Besides, they always have some materials remaining after production. Chipboard, for example.
1 Bathing In the Moscow River

Bathing In the Moscow River

There was time when people were not afraid of bathing in the Moscow river. The water was clear enough and people were less demanding than today. 50-70 years ago they didn't think much about ecology or treatment
plants, they polluted the river and it was considered to be normal. Boys swimming opposite the Kremlin were not uncommon. It was a good time. If they had a beach near the Kremlin today, would you plunge?
12 Night Visit of Chupacabra

Night Visit of Chupacabra

One man came to feed his rabbits in the morning as usual. What he saw simply shocked him. Most of the rabbits were dead. The cage doors were broken. The night guest was probably rather smart. The rabbits were smothered and  just scattered around. Two of them were bitten in their heads and their blood
was sucked. The animal that has been there was rather careful and quiet, the gates were almost undamaged. The man had two dogs but they didn't bark as if they were hypnotised or scared to death. The animal left traces similar to dog's ones. Out of 93 rabbits 73 were killed.

20 Service At the Border With China

Service At the Border With China

We are about to visit the place where two countries are bordering: Kazakhstan and
China. You can see now what a military service of Kazakh soldiers there is like.
27 Soviet People And Collective Farms

Soviet People And Collective Farms

It was a whole epoch. The country was trying to come back to normal life after the war. Old and young people were spending their lives at the collective farms and it was as hard as hell. Women
gave birth to children not in hospitals but right on the fields and those children often died from various deseases as well as adults. Many people couldn't survive that period.
3 It Seems Impossible But He Survives

It Seems Impossible But He Survives

This driver is going to celebrate his second birth. It's amazing he has only two scratches. If the hit was 50 cm left he could
die. The driver of the second car fled, probably he was simply drunk. This video and some others are inside the post.
12 Have You Seen a Dirtier Pond?

Have You Seen a Dirtier Pond?

This is the dirtiest pond on the planet. People know it as a "Black Hole". The illegal mud settling pit of the Dzerzhinsk plant resembles an empty eye
socket on the face of the Earth. Fortunately, it is going to be "recultivated" soon which means they will fill it with sand and bulldoze it. 

47 Moscow Spaceship House For Naomi Campbell

Moscow Spaceship House For Naomi Campbell

You may probably know that one of the most famous top models Naomi Campbell is dating a Russian billionaire Vladislav Doronin. And she surely deserves the
best gifts. One of them has been recently built in Barvikha of the Moscow region. The designer of the house is a famous architect Zaha Hadid.
17 The New Crew Is About to Come to the ISS

The New Crew Is About to Come to the ISS

A carrier rocket "Soyuz-FG" was launched from Baikonur cosmodrome with a manned spacecraft "Soyuz TMA-06M" and the new ISS crew. Cosmonauts Oleg Novitsky (Roscosmos), Eugene Tarelkin (Roscosmos) and Kevin Ford (NASA) went to the near-Earth orbit. The docking of the new Russian "Soyuz" with the ISS should happen today, on October, 25th. For the
Russians Novitsky and Tarelkin it's the first flight into space, while Ford is flying for the second time. The flight of the new crew at the station is planned to last 148 days. They have to unload four transport ships "Progress" and one European truck ATV-4. The crew of the 33rd expedition is not planned to have spacewalks.

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