1 The Largest Siberian Airport

The Largest Siberian Airport

The largest Siberian airport Tolmachevo in Novosibirsk is the main transit hub beyond Ural that serves the most important directions between Asia and Europe. It's the
sixth largest Russian airport according to passenger traffic. The capacity of the international and domestic terminals amounts to 2550 people an hour.
7 Fordzilla From Russia

Fordzilla From Russia

It seems this customized Ford has no limits at all! This is
a proper car for Russian roads indeed. Meet Fordzilla!
25 Limo For Mr. President

Limo For Mr. President

The car you see is a limousine for the Russian president - ZiL-4112R. This car has been allegedly made for six years. It exists only in one copy and still needs to be improved. During the test drive its wipers broke and the original
doors didn't close correctly. It was even hard to believe that the work took six years! But luckily it starts and can even drive around the yard of the plant. We are about to visit the shop where the car is being made.

25 It Is NOT Halloween!

It Is NOT Halloween!

It is just a new collection of demobees "spring-fall 2012". It's an important event in their lives
and they should look in a proper way to celebrate it. The solemn event needs a solemn uniform!

3 Flight Over the Volcanoes of Kamchatka

Flight Over the Volcanoes of Kamchatka

We are going to fly over the most famous volcanoes of central Kamchatka by helicopter. The weather is nice though it is always foggy over Kamchatka. On this photo is Karymskaya hill, it is an active volcano.
It is 1536 m high (5039 ft). Its top is a right truncated cone. It constantly emits hot gases. It is located in the caldera of the ancient volcano (with the diameter of five km (three miles).

10 Baby Hedgehogs Have a Cat Mom

Baby Hedgehogs Have a Cat Mom

When you have too much love it's not so important who you share it with. This kind cat has
recently become a mother and it raises its own kittens together with these little hedgehogs.
7 An Unusual Guest

An Unusual Guest

In the city of Tara, the Omsk region, bears can easily knock on a door. This one became a visitor of one company,
he received a warm welcome and even some tasty things. Probably the bear will come back when gets hungry.

27 Foreign Photographers In Soviet Odessa

Foreign Photographers In Soviet Odessa

These photographs were taken in Odessa of the 1970-80s by foreign photographers Ian Berry and Peter Marlow. In fact only one photo belongs to the
second. Some of the shots seem to be gloomy, could it be because foreign photographers wanted to see the USSR as the "Evil Empire"?

2 Why Is It Moving Along the Rails?

Why Is It Moving Along the Rails?

Those who are really in a hurry sometimes try to bypass a traffic jam moving along rails and even when the road becomes
empty again they keep on going along the rails... But why? Because it's not that easy to move down the rails.

9 Moscow Cemetery of Urban Transport

Moscow Cemetery of Urban Transport

These shots have been taken in Moscow, behind the fence of the tram repair plant. There is a huge number of written-off
cars, buses and trams. All this beauty is slowly decaying instead of working and being useful for adults and kids.

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