6 When Winter Suddenly Comes

When Winter Suddenly Comes

Posted on October 31, 2012 by team

The first snow came to Minsk, Belarus. But as it often happens it became a surprise for many drivers. Though they kept driving anyway. In this video you can see what happens when you try to save on winter tires.

First snow is wonderful, anyway!


6 Responses to “When Winter Suddenly Comes”

  1. Tiger says:

    If you want to go off-road you´d better get some off-road tires :)

  2. DougW says:

    Here the police will only call a tow-truck or a taxi.

  3. ProudGerman says:

    you need true 4×4 not 2×2

  4. Madak says:

    This is what happens when you give cars to drunken peasants.

  5. slaveoftheboobs says:

    what kind of image/camera stabilization did they use? its seems like the cam’ levitating (i saw it earlier but i cannot figure it out since then)

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