16 If You Lived Like a Russian Tsar

If You Lived Like a Russian Tsar

Posted on October 31, 2012 by team

What does it mean to live as a tsar? Can anyone feel cosy in such posh halls?The Great Kremlin Palace was built from 1837 to 1849 in Moscow, Russia. It was intended to emphasize the greatness of Russian autocracy.

The Palace was formerly the tsar’s Moscow residence. Its construction involved the demolition of the previous Baroque palace on the site, designed by Rastrelli

Here is what used to be here in the Soviet time instead of these splendid halls.


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16 Responses to “If You Lived Like a Russian Tsar”

  1. America says:

    So how much of it survived the Soviet communists, and how much of it has been painstakingly restored since?

    • Buratino says:

      A lot survived. It is curious about Bolsheviks that they kept many items, for instance, all the Romanov’s clothes and such. Perhaps they had a premonition that all these things will be needed for a new tsar in the future……

      • America says:

        Odd, too bad they didn’t have a premonition that all of the Churches property would one day be needed again too, or maybe they did.

        • Tiger says:

          it is a palace not a church – only the thing is that most of the palaces do have their own chapels. This one has very exquisite paintings and icons. Especially the depiction of the holy trinity or the Biblical scenes (beheading of John the Bapist – I guess?).

      • ProudGerman says:

        The Communist Leaders exterminated 20 000 000+ million of their own.

  2. Mummeli says:

    Cozy is not the word that comes to my mind when i look at the pics. Sorry, not my cup of tea.

  3. D says:

    It’s like a Fractal.

  4. Zoidberg says:

    Fantastic restoration, this is well spent money to take care of history. It looks all brand new.

  5. Ray says:

    Ostentatious, Yes; but keep in mind all hand made, floors, wall, ceilings. All the carvings, floors hand made cut and fit. Also most if not all of the Palaces, country homes, Hermitage were for the most part destroyed by the Germans during their retreat in WWII, The Russians have since completely rebuilt and restored to almost original condition. They also rebuilt the Incredible Amber Room that was stolen in its entirety and is yet to be found. Over-the-top, yep but an incredible exhibit of artistry and skill.

  6. Ben says:

    Ready for Putin…

  7. Fred Johnson says:

    Here, you can see why some people wanted a revolution. Many people living in poverty, while the leaders flaunt their wealth like this.

    It’s not the answer, but you can see why it was able to happen. You get a few people out there screaming that they can make it better, by taking ALL the wealth from everybody else, and give it to you.

    Fighting the same thing in the USA right now, and don’t know how much longer we can hold out. Once 50% of voting population start voting for people that promise them other people’s money, it’ll be just about over.

    Wealth envy is a powerful thing for those that don’t know any better.

    • CourtroomWolf says:

      I hate to burst your bubble, but neither party in US politics resembles communism even in the slightest. A battle between rich people and other rich people is not very conducive to communism.

  8. ProudGerman says:

    Communist lived like Kings, it is interesting how many people Soviet Union starved and people think they leaders were so loving.

  9. (r)evolutionist says:

    A tree is grander than anything Man has built.

  10. America says:

    The modern utilitarian looking ventilation ducts below the ornately decorated gold leafed windows is a nice touch…

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