17 Even Zombie Can Play Basketball

Even Zombie Can Play Basketball

Posted on October 31, 2012 by team

We at English Russia never tolerated any racial prejudices. We don’t like when people of other races treated somehow differently than the ones of others. This way we couldn’t pass by a Russian music video being aired on an official MTV channel Russia some while ago. This video has a lot of strange  stuff.

How do you like when a bunch of white guys sing, quote: “Even dead negro can play basketball”?? People (the singers) have put a disclaimer in the beginning saying they are not racists. So judge by yourself if they really are after watching it with a subtitled translation (the following video was word by word translated from Russian).

I never knew if the viewers tried to boycott the music channel however spreading the word on this might be very helpful!

They say that in Russia this is much more tolerated because Russia was never involved in racism, this might be a good explanation for this kind of songs appearing on TV screens.

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17 Responses to “Even Zombie Can Play Basketball”

  1. tea cup says:

    there was nothing scandalous about this song. even Al Sharpton can’t cry his crocodile tears.

  2. Jewels Vern says:

    People who are racist think they are not racist. They think they are merely obeying the laws of the universe.

  3. Sheeteater says:

    Russians can´t make decent pop music.

    This sucks big time… but the lyrics are funny

  4. Y5K says:

    We should recognize we all are are born racist,sexist, etc, so always try hard not to give way to the basic stupidness. If we let it go simply because it’s spontaneous, things are getting worse and worse. I bet utipia is closer to the place where people admit they have evil in their mind and do something about that, than the place where people just keep ignoring the dark side of human instinct. I don’t know if the singers really had bad intention, but they should have been more careful anyway.

    • tea cup says:

      Well this was more polite than anything Ice T, Ice Cube, Easy E, Snoop Dogg, Ghost face Killa etc etc wrote about capping people with liberal usage of the N word.

  5. Tiger says:

    It is a bit ridiculous but not really racist…not that is appeals to my personal taste, but if one thinks it is funny…meh

  6. JZ says:

    I’m rusian and I don’t feel any shame by calling a black man – negro, Russia never exploted them like Europe and US did so I consider them equal to everyone else no special treatment. So you can shove that racist nonsense you know where, it’s your problem not ours…

  7. Yank says:

    Under the video the text of this web page states, “…because Russia was never involved in racism…” I think what is really meant here is that Russia was never involved in racist slavery. When I go outside the US, the whole black/white issue doesn’t seem to be as near as a touchy subject as it is in the US.

    Even so, the band claims they are not racist, but then focuses on what… a particular skin color. I would believe them if the song also included other stereotypes, but focusing on one shows they don’t know what they are talking about.

    It doesn’t help that there’s a scene where they are all kicking the black guy while he’s on the floor.

    I think the bigger news here is that MTV, somewhere on the planet, still plays music videos!

    • Tiger says:

      There were white slaves from Europe too at that time in the Ottoman Empire and Algeria. So what now? A global political correctness policy? And how are you going to enforce it? Global mind control?

  8. (r)evolutionist says:

    So racism is bad but misogyny acceptable? (or maybe I just don’t understand modern slang..); I agree with “Sheeteater”, Russian pop music is really bad, but then so is American pop, too. (only real music left is BJM)

  9. Joe says:

    racist or not. People have the freedom to say whatever stupid thing they want. Just the way it is.
    but,that song.. was just terrible.

  10. tom says:

    Racism doesn’t exist, it’s just a point of view.

  11. America says:

    Racist, no. Terrible, yes.

  12. Trackball says:

    OMG! Clip-old like mammoth dung!

  13. Igor says:

    Americans and Europeans have you forgotten that the ancient philosophers said – look at the root! …. You do not like the music, and this grupa comedy and meaning in this music, and there is no any no any plagiarism! I have a question to all – Africans who live in the country of Niger and they renamed the Niger River in what is the name?????????

  14. Igor says:

    It is actually your problem! Your wives and sisters are so afraid of accusations of racism, they are ready to give birth, with black mules! ))) Greetings blackened America!

  15. Alessandro says:

    Not racist, not funny, just immature.

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