1 The Largest Siberian Airport

The Largest Siberian Airport

Posted on October 30, 2012 by team

The largest Siberian airport Tolmachevo in Novosibirsk is the main transit hub beyond Ural that serves the most important directions between Asia and Europe. It’s the sixth largest Russian airport according to passenger traffic. The capacity of the international and domestic terminals amounts to 2550 people an hour.

The airport was put into service in 1957 when the first flight Novosibirsk – Moscow was performed by the Tu-104.

In September 1992 it got the status of the international one.

The sign writes: “Novosibirsk”.

The airport terminal is able to serve 1800 passengers per hour on domestic flights and 750 – on international ones.

The airport route network includes more than 90 international and domestic destinations served by scheduled and charter flights.

More than 40 Russian and foreign airlines perform their flights from Tolmachevo.

The airport has two operating runways.

They can send and receive all types of aircrafts with no take-off restrictions even in adverse weather conditions. Tolmachevo is practically an all-weather airport.

There are 62 parking places on the platform of the airport. Seventeen of them are equipped with the system of centralized fuelling. Boeing 747 can be fuelled for 40 minutes.

Special attention is paid to cargo traffic. In 2007 a new intermodal freight terminal started its work.

The airport serves and receives all existing types of aircrafts made in Russia and abroad including the largest airliner in the world – Airbus A-380, and cargo planes, such as Boeing 747-8F and An-225 (Mriya).

40 take-offs and landings may happen each hour in Tolmachevo (subject to an average minimum safety interval of three minutes).

The area of the international sector is planned to be increased from eleven to thirty thousand square meters, its capacity is planned to be 1500 passengers per hour.

This is that very first Tu-154.

In October 2012 according the results of the World Routes 2012 forum in Abu-Dhabi, the Tolmachevo airport became one of the three best airports of the Commonwealth of Independent States for the quality of land services.

Location: Novosibirsk

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    I love the pictire of the 76 in the falling snow. Very evocative. That’s a great workhorse of a plane. Russian engineering at its best.

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