7 Fordzilla From Russia

Fordzilla From Russia

Posted on October 30, 2012 by team

It seems this customized Ford has no limits at all! This is a proper car for Russian roads indeed. Meet Fordzilla!

Thanks for the ride!
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7 Responses to “Fordzilla From Russia”

  1. ProudGerman says:

    now they need to run over little match box eco-nuts cars

  2. Joe says:

    Thank you Marek! I was wondering that very thing when I was watching video.

  3. timothy says:

    An awesome machine is not enough for some terrain, you have to be a good driver as well. He appears to be good, at least

  4. lol says:

    They should sell it to new jersey people, they will need it for next sandy.

  5. Spartaaaaaa! says:

    splashing through the little puddles is lame.

  6. H2SO4 says:

    Bet it was stolen from some redneck in Alabama and then shipped out.

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