61 Kurban Bairam 2012, Part II

Kurban Bairam 2012, Part II

Posted on October 29, 2012 by team

In addition to the video recently published we decided to show you some more photos of Kurban Bairam celebration as well. You are about to see how the event was held in Moscow and Vladimir.


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61 Responses to “Kurban Bairam 2012, Part II”

  1. jjj says:

    oh yeah, i heard about this part, this is tataro-mongolskoe igo II, the rise of the dark.

  2. Tiger says:

    Yes, multiculturalism works great! All these IT specialists are going to boost Russia´s economy beyond the wildest dreams!

  3. Tiger says:

    Look at those dark faces. Can anybody see god in those eyes? I only can see hatred, anger and evil. Sorry, this faith is not from god. It is a deception by the inventor of deceptions. That is why their own countries cannot sustain them, since living there is hell on earth.

    • Qirex says:

      you cannot see no god in any religion at all.
      muslims are like christians or like any other religion else. if you want to see “god” i think you should better look inside yourself. there you will found some answer.

      • Tiger says:

        4th: If their countries could sustain them, why are they coming to Christian lands?

      • Snowbee says:

        Looking at all these people acting in unison to show their fealty to authority only proves that religion is only about control. Muslims, Christians, Buddhists, etc., need to realize this isn’t a fantasy world.

    • Matt Dean says:

      Really? How about taking a look to those in Bosnia, UAE, Malaysia, etc. How do they look? Do they look like they can’t sustain themselves? Please, the world is so broad.

      • Tiger says:

        1st: christians and muslims do not pray to the same god. The Christian God (theos) is the holy trinity of the father, son and holy spirit while the muslis god (allah) is Tawid (one-ness). So all this talk about believing in one god, looking into oneself etc. is first of all unfounded.

        2nd: All muslim countries are violent. Terrorism, oppression, dictatorships, discrimination, torture, rape, blood feuds and all these things are happening much more often than in Christian countries. That is a matter of fact. And if those countries are relatively rich, they are thanks to natural resources on their soil but not due to their own work and way of living. Besides, the richer countries like UAE and KSA interestingly do not help their fellow muslims and treat the muslim guestworkers from other countries worse than the Christians do.
        The same goes for Malaysia and Bosnia is sustained by the international community.
        3rd: The Quran has too many contradictions. It claims to be the unaltered word of god, so then it must have been perfect in logic, but it is not. For instance the shahada (matyrdom). If the shaheed (martyr) goes to heaven he will be rewarded with earthly things such as food, wealth and women. The problem is that his body at that time will be dead, so what is then left is the soul. But what can the soul do with earthly things? Christ said, that the soul does not have earthly desires such as hunger or the lust for women. So this is then clearly a hoax. Then there is the hatred, the clear violation of the ten commandments (do lie, do not steal, do not kill) against the unbelievers (kuffar) and even against the Dhimmi (people of the book – jews and Christians) and the sinners (amputation, stoning etc.).

  4. roofius says:


  5. Osip says:

    I cannot find Waldo.

  6. imran says:

    Sorry to say that Mr.Tiger have really negative thoughts about muslims.Boss who gave you the right to judge someone’s faith.God Holy Bible who just name it.and 2ndly who are u to say that their own countries are not accepting them you are totally wrong okie.muslims are in Russia from ages okie so dfntly it is there country.Your hater can show how misguided you are.try n be positive okie.If you are a christian then u need to read Bible proply Bible doesnt teach you to hate or make your own stupid judgments.Sorry if am cozing you pain but u need to be positive.tc

    • Tiger says:

      1st: Russia is Christian Orthodox. Muslims were just tolerated, but not part of the nation. That is an invention by the communists.
      2nd: The bible says that unbelievers have no place among the faithful and shall be expelled from our midst. So I am just in line with the apostle.

    • Tiger says:

      Haters are those who blow themselves up, understood imran?

      • Eniser says:

        Tiger, if you think that they are ugly, somehow i can understand your words because it will be only your idea. But if you start to be a racist, it will be your mistake. 1st, You(probably you are russian) live in central Asia, so please dont say that they are tolerated and they came to your land because somebody can ask ” what are you doing in asia with your ‘white’ face ?” :) 2nd. I am from Turkey and every single year around 4 million russians come to Turkey. Kurban means victom. Muslims give victoms only for their God ( Allah ). Pls dont try to make Muslims victom because of your racism.

        • Tiger says:

          I do not travel to muslim countries. So I am fine with that I am not welcome there.
          As of the Russians going there, it is their fault. The come back sick or beaten up or raped. No wonder…

        • Tiger says:

          Which city in turkey are you from?

          • Eniser says:

            I live in Antalya and what ever you say, it seems Russians are happy in my country. I am happy that there are not so much Russians like you. You can give bad examples in 4 million tourists but just i dont want to talk how it is “easy” to be a tourist in Russia, I have been 3 times in Russia.

            • Tiger says:

              So Antalya is the turkish word for Attaleia which as until the 13th century a Greek an Christian city. The Greeks lived there for almost 1500 years before the turks butchered them. The Turks came from Central Asia as migrants and settled later in central Anatolia in the 11th century. The Greeks were killed or enslaved. Why would I like to see that god forsaken place? That is like going to Auschwitz for holiday. That is what history tells us about islam: it brings peril.

            • Tiger says:

              We also have more than four million alcoholics and drug addicts in Russia. Why would I like to join this club? And most people coming back do either not leave the hotel complex or have many bad memories, which does not surprise me.

  7. albo says:

    Why can’t the women worship with the men?

  8. Lumpy Gravy says:

    > Look at those dark faces. Can anybody see god in those eyes? I only can see hatred, anger and evil.

    In my opinion their best bet is to arm themselves. There’s certainly nothing a good dose of salutary revolutionary violence could bring down that’s remotely worth saving as long as racist hypocrites like you are around.

    • Tiger says:

      They are all already armed.

    • Tiger says:

      This is an army at prayer. After the feast they bring again violence to the streets. Everybody who lives in such cities, be it in Russia, France, Scandinavia or Germany will understand what I mean. In Germany they recently published a statistic that muslims are overrepresented when it comes to crime and violence. Rape, human trafficking and slavery, murders, so called honor killings, theft etc. … you name it. That is a fact.

  9. Chelios says:

    We are in the year 2012 and the majority of people are still worshipping a non-existing god. Human evolution is going well.

    • Tiger says:

      We are in the year 2012 and enlightened atheists like still have not understood that there is no choice between no god or any god, but between Christianity and islam. So in effect you are laying the groundworks that your offspring will worshiping their god.

  10. tea cup says:

    look. Monotheism is meant to help people advance over a time span of several generations. Completing a ritual is just one part of monotheism. Not all of it. The only eyes I ever saw a trace of God were in the eyes of a baby. Free from materialism, lust, hate and lies. If there is anybody to blame for cr@pness in our countries it is the self-serving elites and their sycophantic administrators.

  11. timoulete says:

    In France many sheeps was stolen, many problems come with that “religion”. French people begin to hate this kind of people.

    • tea cup says:

      you should go to Alain Soral’s webpage and watch his videos. Then you will know exactly what is going on in France and who is pushing for “Balkanisation”.

      • Tiger says:

        Soral is a left-wing-commie-anti-christian-anti-judaic mad man. Why would we have to listen to what he has got to say. Just because he supports islam against Israel and the US? As if this would make things better…

  12. (r)evolutionist says:

    Between Muslims, Catholics, Orthodox Jews, and Mormons (or Morons) the pop. of Earth will be above 15 billion in this century. When “Soylent Green” comes to pass and everywhere looks like Bangladesh… (bring on the 6 mile wide asteroid, oh great Cosmos)

  13. ProudGerman says:

    Update — it is this …

    Monkey see

    Monkey hear

    Monkey do

  14. Asteroid Rental says:

    bring on the 6 mile wide asteroid, oh great Cosmos:

    Gotcha covered, guy! You’ll never know the difference!


    U.S. Missile command.

  15. L.S.Zlatopolsky says:

    HALP!! I can’t breathe!!! :-(

  16. Bobby6969 says:

    West should respect ones belief and not to prejudise and hate ,as for muslims they have respect for christians and jews as muslims do beleive they are prophts of God west should understand 1000 years ago west was that time a third world and Muslims were a developed nation they ruled many parts of the europe more then hundred years read history and learn to respect Islam .good and bad are in every nation no religion or society teaches to hate others belief

    • Tiger says:

      the medieval islamic states were founded in Egypt, Asia minor, Syria and Spain and were living on a substance that had been laid by Christians before. When the substance was finally used up the those states became insignificant again in the 19th century up to this very day, where they are living on foreign (Christian) aid or raw materials (again Christians who have the technology to utilize oil and gas deposits). So there has never been a civilizational superiority of islamic states in history. Yet, the only superiority they had was militarily and cruelty. So many once Christian cities had been literally wiped out in the past, all the people enslaved or killed. That was the secret behind the success. Today they live on blood soaked country…no wonder they cannot live happily there.

  17. asda says:

    nice socializing action – you know, people meet.

  18. Buratino says:

    These photos could just as well be taken in London, Paris, Stockholm, Kopenhagen, Berlin, Rotterdam, Oslo and many other European cities. Why?, what has occcured that this has happened? why is it possible to be arrested for speaking the truth about this? What is to be done?

    • Tiger says:

      in Moscow you have like four large mosques in a city of 10 million. In Berlin you have more than 70 mosques in a city of four million and only 100 active churches. Marseille is today 70% muslim, there are many muslim districts in almost all major western European cities, like there are muslim districts in Beirut. So from that perspective the Europeans are worse off, but still that is no sign for Russia to relax, but take action to prevent this scenario.

  19. guest1 says:

    Coming on the 10th anniversary of the Dubrovka terrorist attack.

  20. BHC says:

    There is no god.

    • Tiger says:

      These pictures are the result of atheists in power who do not understand the power of religion. So either you are Christian or you will have to be a muslim in the future. Decide now, tomorrow it is too late.

  21. guest says:

    Savage animals. And shame on russians for letting them in, now they have unsanctioned meetings and unregulated (and unsanitary) slaughter of animals.

  22. imzzi says:

    Well written Mr.bobby i agree that we should respect all other religions.some people are just being racists n showing there narrow minds.Actually it is true muslims do respect all other religions.and proudly saying Islam is the fastest spreading religion.then why it is happening does any1 have the ans to this.thnx

  23. Tiger says:

    AFAIK they are celebrating the sacrifice of Abraham who was tested by god to sacrifice his son. As Abraham wanted to cut his son god exchanged his for a sheep, hence the many sheep that are slaughtered.

  24. tom says:

    After WWII there was Communism, after that the EU, and after that a war between Christianity and Muslims.

  25. America says:

    I don’t think it’s the religion so much as the people and the crappy cultures they come from. There are many black and other Muslims in the US who are otherwise normal and tolerant people who get along with everyone else just fine. None of this middle eastern values BS from them. It’s the Turkish /middle eastern ones who are honor killing, thieving, raping, women degrading racist animals…

    • Tiger says:

      Culture and Religion are basically two sides of the same medal . Actually all these cruelties are legitimized with the Quran and the Hadith. And then are the hate preaching imams. I once saw a doc about a imam in Australia. He legitimized rape of unveiled women with the following words: if the meat is left uncovered on the table and the cat eats it, whose fault is it then? Of course it is not the fault of the cat, but the fault of the women who left the meat on the table. The same is for rape of a women wearing a miniskirt and getting raped (by muslims again in this case). Nota bene, that this was a iman, an islamic preacher who knows the Quran and the Hadith. I think that you might find this on youtube or at least part of it.

      But a thing that is really interesting is that the Quran forbids in the tradition of the Old Testament the marriage of first grade cousins which is interestingly widely practiced in most islamic communities. But when the law becomes inconvenient most of them find a way around it.

      • America says:

        My point was there are native born American Muslims, either raised as Muslims or converts who found religion later in life while in prison etc. that do not seem to exhibit the same BS mental disease their eastern indoctrinated brethren do.

        The reality is the immigrant Muslims who come to America didn’t have such a warm fuzzy feeling for the black Muslim community in the US. That is until after 9/11 after which discrimination against them increased. It is then they realized they could learn a thing or two from their black brethren about fighting for their basic civil rights in the US. Something the black Muslim community has long had experience with.

        But of course their are black Muslims here that are just as FU in the head too. So whatever, just an observation. May the more tolerant ones here just aren’t very good Muslims. lol

        • Tiger says:

          Th black muslims chose their faith out of spite against the whites since they thought that back in the days before they were enslaved they were free muslims on their African soil. However, what they fail to understand is that most slave hunters were arabs and that many cases islamic or pagan rulers just sold some of their subjects to the Portuguese or British. So now they have just exchanged the religion of their former masters (which at least gave the justification for their freedom) with the religion of their former captors and oppressors who sold them like cattle on the market.

  26. America says:

    Anyway when it comes to Islam in America i’m all for “throwing the baby out with the bath water” so to speak. Tough luck to the moderate ones. Clamp down on immigration and make life for the radicals who remain difficult. They were never going to adapt to our way of life anyway, Eff them. Good riddance.

  27. gambit says:

    Such vibrant colors they have. Looks like a big “Simon says” game.

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