27 Foreign Photographers In Soviet Odessa

Foreign Photographers In Soviet Odessa

Posted on October 29, 2012 by team

These photographs were taken in Odessa of the 1970-80s by foreign photographers Ian Berry and Peter Marlow. In fact only one photo belongs to the second. Some of the shots seem to be gloomy, could it be because foreign photographers wanted to see the USSR as the “Evil Empire”?

This photo belongs to Peter Marlow.

It says: “Nothing is forgotten, nobody is forgotten”.

There were some things people miss today, but do most of them wish to live that old way?

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27 Responses to “Foreign Photographers In Soviet Odessa”

  1. Makc says:

    ya tebe lublu Odeca

  2. America says:

    “Nothing is forgotten, nobody is forgotten”… Tell that to the guy passed out sleeping in the wet street, his head under a counter for some meager shelter, as people go about their business around him as if he doesn’t exist.

    • -Zlodey- says:

      That man are alcoholic, drunk one. He fall asleep near “beer stand”.
      But don`t worry, drunk alcoholics get attention of soviet militia, they take him to “detoxification center”, which you can see here too, here this photo: http://media.englishrussia.com/112012/cosplaygoeswrong/foreignodessa002-21.jpg

      So alcoholics in USSR will not die by cold and not get sick, as happen today.

      • America says:

        Tried to ask you yesterday but got shot down with the ol’ “you’re posting comments to quickly after 2 comments”.

        So i see. Those detox centers, where they just a “your not under arrest but you need to stay awhile” rooms at the local jail, or at medical centers… or were they separate places set up to bring drunks to so they can sober up?

        BTW thanks for a positive comment putting things in context for me instead of getting all butt hurt like Daniel. :)

    • America says:

      Or the other guy laying on garbage and leaning up against a wall asleep as nobody else cares…

      Here we see the idealist rhetoric of communism vs. the stark reality on the street.

      • daniel says:

        you should take a good look at your own country mr america I have been there and that is the filthiest degrading place I have ever seen in my life, you should learn the technique of keeping your dumb mouth shut, cause you are nothing but an ignorant spokesman of imperialistic lie. I bet you get paid for every dumb sentence you put in this blog.

        • America says:

          Difference is while you were here you weren’t walking past government propaganda banners proclaiming nonsense like ““Nothing is forgotten, nobody is forgotten”…

          BTW if your going to go around telling people to “keep there dumb mouth shut”, you probably shouldn’t be uttering nonsense like you think i get PAID to comment. Talk about dumb comments! lol

          Please tell me where i can get paid to post here, i really want to know! :D

          • America says:

            And BTW i said nothing about the States not being this way. I only commented on the photos at hand. Yet you immediately assume i must be drawing a contrast with the US and we don’t have such problems or some such nonsense by comparison. That’s just what you read into my comments, your own bias.

            In fact i’ve commented about just this situation in America in the past. That while there are many welfare and charity programs to help the down and out in the US, you can not help someone who doesn’t want help. Those who want just enough money for another bottle of booze or drugs. Well they don’t get that kind of help in the US. So they panhandle, live on the street etc. It’s a tough life.

    • CZenda says:

      If you mean the dude sleeping next to the filthy dustbin, he is probably drunk unconscious. The kiosk advertises “Fresh Beer”. AFAIK this was one of the Soviet peculiarities – beer sold on the street from tanks and not available in shops/pubs. I remeber speaking to a Ruskie who could not imagine beer being sold bottled/on tap every single day of the week.

      • Foq says:

        CZenda is spot on.
        Bottled beer started showing up almost immediately after the USSR fall, though.
        But yea, those who wanted beer at home, would walk out to the tanks with their own jars.

        • America says:

          Anyone care to speculate why pubs weren’t allowed in Soviet times? Surely there were pubs of some sort in Russia prior to the revolution? Whether for peasants of more wealthy to imbibe and congregate???

          It’s odd. The Communists certainly didn’t oppose drinking itself, there was plenty of alcohol available. But it seems a pastime for home or private parties or on the street during Soviet times.

    • Don says:

      That phrase is about Great Patriotic War (WW2). About herous and victims of that war and about ugly face of these war itself.

  3. James says:

    “Some of the shots seem to be gloomy, could it be because foreign photographers wanted to see the USSR as the “Evil Empire”?”

    I doubt it. More likely nostalgia is making you think it was better than it was. More often than not, western journalists at the time didn’t buy the “evil empire” talk, and instead held leftist sympathies that ignored the oppression and of lack of liberty in the USSR.

    • America says:

      LIFE magazine, about as lefty as you could get in portraying ordinary Soviet life to the American people. It wasn’t all evil empire nonsense.

    • SSSR says:

      There were 2 evil empires during the cold war.1 empire had around 55,000 atomic bombs and the other empire had around 70,000 atomic bombs and several times the doomsday clock was at 11:59.59 seconds!

    • America says:

      Agree there wasn’t any shortage of liberal socialist leaning journalists, publishers and entertainers advancing a positive spin in the US. McCarthy may have been on a congressional witchhunt that destroyed innocent lives, but he wasn’t imagining things. There were plenty of pro commie leaning Americans advancing the agenda here too. lol

  4. tea cup says:

    I can’t believe how people in the USSR were demonised by the West for so long. Every time I see Englishrussia I can’t believe how many lies were beamed out of Washington.

  5. ProudGerman says:

    Police State monitored by paranoid Communist under a Iron Fist. East Germany was in ruins when the wall came down.

  6. benzin says:

    State – Alien Slavs system!

  7. stolichnaya says:

    Some of those Commie women were hot! Proletarian sexy!

  8. 山下智久love the nokia Lumia says:

    western countries and western stooge has always demonized socialism …

  9. 山下智久love the nokia Lumia says:

    western countries in the socialist countries to demonize the red, while the poor, backward, autocratic, closed with red fundamental detached to impose the concept of the red…

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