10 Baby Hedgehogs Have a Cat Mom

Baby Hedgehogs Have a Cat Mom

Posted on October 29, 2012 by team

When you have too much love it’s not so important who you share it with. This kind cat has recently become a mother and it raises its own kittens together with these little hedgehogs.

Aren’t they cute?

via kolyaseg

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10 Responses to “Baby Hedgehogs Have a Cat Mom”

  1. America says:

    Silly cat. You are supposed to stalk and torment them with your paws for fun.

  2. Osip says:

    I think she is fattening them and saving for later.

  3. petrohof says:

    i might think the cat would look at them as rodents and the hunting instint would take over.

  4. ProudGerman says:

    Me to do not like cats would take hedgehog over cat and cats off to river.

    • IVS says:

      Silly little Nazi kraut.

    • Tiger says:

      And do not forget to jump afterwards…

      • Zonda says:

        Yes, that was in my mind too! Be “proud” enough and test first if the deep of the river it’s good for the cat dive…

    • America says:

      Save yourself the trip and gas them in your oven, and throw their corpses in a pit in the backyard. That’s how a PROUD German deals with the “cat problem”. Your doing it all wrong.

      • Adolph says:

        Dear ProudGerman,

        Taking her to the river and drowning her would be an inefficient use of your time. Grab her by the scruff of her neck and shove her into your oven. Turn on the gas. Listen to some Vaughner while admiring the efficiency of your German oven. Throw what remains of the burned corpse in a pit in the backyard. Give her bed to the Hedgehogs.

        Yours Truly,
        A. Hitler

  5. Hawa Wani says:

    excuse me.. may i know where to buy hedgehog in moscow? thank you..

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