6 On the Land of Bears

On the Land of Bears

Posted on October 28, 2012 by team

Kuril lake of Kamchatka is the place inhabited by the largest number of bears. Probably no other place in the world has more bears than this one. According to the data of aerial surveys more than a thousand of bears live at the lake! Being here you can easily see more than a hundred of them in one day.

To the left are two inspector’s houses. The big house on the right is the hotel. The green square is a helipad.

In the center of the photo are Kuril lake and Travyanoy (Grass) cape.

This is caldera of Uzon volcano. Those stripes are wooden paths, they are placed in dangerous areas close to geysers, for example.

The boards are brought to Kamchatka by helicopter.

About 8 000 years ago there was a number of volcanic catastrophies on the south of Kamchatka. The erupted mass exceeded the eruption of Krakatau volcano in 1883 seven or eight times. The lava reached both banks of Kamchatka.

A volcanic desert appeared after that in the south of Kamchatka. All living things, which were not able to move to a safe place, were destroyed. Close to the giant gap formed a caldera that began to be slowly filled with water. This is how the lake appeared.

Ilyinsky volcano stands above the water mirror as large as 77 km2. The maximum depth of the lake is 316 m (1036ft).

This volcano is one of the most beautiful ones and, besides, it has a regular conic shape.

These rocks belong to Samang island.

They may quarrel sometimes too.

In the fishing season they eat so much they can hardly move. They already cannot play and soon will go to a den.

Foxes inhabit the place too.

This is the beginning of October in Kamchatka.

It’s the helipad before at the sunrise. Have they had a party here?

Sometimes bear families are rather big, this bear mom has five cubs.

They have enough good food here and the territory is protected from poachers.

There is a legend that the creator of Kamchatka, God Kutkhu lived among these white rocks.

It’s Ilyinsky volcano in the fall.

Closer to winter they need neither fish nor berries, they can just stop and fall asleep in any place.

All the photos are taken by a photographer-naturalist Igor Shpilenok.

via shpilenok

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  1. Mke Talino says:

    Awesome. I think I’m going there some time.

  2. Fred Johnson says:

    Nice of them to put those walkways in there for those bears.

  3. timoulete says:

    That’s very nice place, nice photos ! Hope nobody or a few human being come here (and other shit like Hunters or poachers) and good guard forest or something like that. Thanks for sharing !

  4. rtqwd$ says:

    I love the place dream to go there so divine

  5. Alison Buchanan-Vaassen says:

    Such beautiful photos – I had to cry!

  6. Klaus says:

    Wonderful pictures! I hope this paradise remains free from land speculators and thieves!

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