2 The Valley of the Huge Iron Monsters

The Valley of the Huge Iron Monsters

Posted on October 28, 2012 by team

We have already seen this place not far from Moscow. Voskresensk has a complicated plan structure: it consists of six detached residential structures separated by industrial and warehouse areas, transfer lines and tributaries of the Moscow River. It’s a small city full of gray smoking pipes. The air is polluted here, of course. But still it’s a place that keeps attracting more and more people who like to wander among old abandoned factories, quarries, industrial areas. And where else can one shoot so many huge iron monsters?

A freight train carries away the soil that has just been extracted.

This looks like a huge chainsaw.

The soil lifted in the buckets is put into the dumpers or freight trains via the conveyor.

It’s really hard to find this huge machine working! It’s amazing to see how this monster works, how it moves.

And it’s cool to control it, a single pressing of a button makes this giant move from one place to another.

Moving parts such as the bucket frame and the conveyor for dumping, go up and down by pulling and weakening the wire ropes wound on the giant reels.

The giant transformer is powered by a six kV cable connected to the transmission line.

People next to this machine are nothing…


These are the results of work and the traces of four pairs of tracks.

This is a conveyor for waste rock dumping.

Does it really resemble an elephant?

Do you see a person on the right?

The second object is a large abandoned plant. At sunset it is especially beautiful.


Size matters!

Location: Voskresensk

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2 responses to “The Valley of the Huge Iron Monsters”

  1. Madak says:

    Whatever else one says, it cannot be denied that the CCCP had some talented engineers.

  2. roar says:

    This is true, but as a matter of fact Takraf is German I guess…and the second seria of pictures: it resembles Chernobyl as hell

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