46 Kurban Bairam Goes Out of Control

Kurban Bairam Goes Out of Control

Posted on October 27, 2012 by team

The holiday Kurban Bairam recently held in Moscow went out of control. The crowd of Muslims probably became rather stuffy, it easily broke the cordon of the police and blocked the roadway.

They didn’t expect so many people this year!


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46 Responses to “Kurban Bairam Goes Out of Control”

  1. Osip says:

    Why not the police shoot them to eliminate the disorder?!

  2. putin says:

    Camera man had a excellent position for a belt fed machine gun or two.

  3. Richard S. says:

    Muslim parasites slowly adding to Russia’s demise.That’s a shame!

  4. ProudGerman says:

    so is this country just allow people to not obey law, in Germany this would not be tolerated

    • gigi says:

      Oh ya? Germany is going to be controlled by muslim turks soon so you will be out of that country.

      • Eniser says:

        gigi,I am Turk myself. Turks will not control any place in Germany. I am not a German Turk but i have been there 3 times(totally more than 1 year) because of my job. Germany is not a Russia. There are no skinheards in Germany as Russia has. By the way i really didnt understand where/what for they are running in the video?

        • Tiger says:

          Oh you are wrong. There are already major cities and whole districts where turks live and you only see turkish shops and signs and nobody speaks German. This is like the conquered Asia Minor in the 11th century…through immigration.

          • Eniser says:

            do you think russians who live in germany speak perfect german ? i can even bet that turks are better about language. :)

            • Tiger says:

              No, the Russians exceed the turks in the German educational system by miles. So do the Greeks, the Italians, the Spaniards, Chinese, Vietnamese…almost everybody except for the other muslims. And the turks were longer in Germany than the Russians. Maybe your ancestors have practiced to much endogamy?

    • Tiger says:

      In Germany the muslims already have their own cities which are no-go areas for others.

  5. (r)evolutionist says:

    Devolution, not evolution.

  6. Snowbee says:

    Why did the Muslim cross the road?

    To get to the other Eid!

  7. Tomi finland says:

    They are like animals.
    Hope the world would see that we don’t need those kind of subhumans, not in russia not in finland.

  8. Petras says:

    Imagine : “Serious Sam”

  9. tea pot says:

    we needed to see pitchforks, flaming torches, a castle.

  10. Gerhard says:

    Wow. 7 responses, and 6 of them are racist. Go Russia!

  11. Rezky says:

    Russian TV about this silent

  12. freak says:

    look like a human tsunami to me. lol

  13. Babysitter says:

    Look at all this garbage they left after themselves in just a minute of running across the road. Filth.

  14. rtqwd$ says:

    Traffic police, pls arrest motorcycle crazy guy he is danger insane for the ppl and motorists. He is insane suicider

    • Mke Talino says:

      Im OK with insane suiciders as long as they are somewhere where they can’t harm anyone else.
      This guy has deserved jail at least.

  15. America says:

    Wow, Europe and FSU have become far too accommodating of Muslim immigrants who don’t want to assimilate to the western values of their new homeland. You would be hard pressed to find mass prayer events going on across the States let alone all of the less savory crap they’ve been getting away with in Britain, France, etc. etc. etc.

    We are sooo lucky the bulk of our immigrants come from Mexico, Central and South America! Funny thing, the U.S. Gov can’t control its southern border to save it’s live. Oh man would that change overnight if we had Muslim countries for neighbors. That border would suddenly be tight as a drum! ;)

    • Tiger says:

      No, you will be a muslim country in 5 years if Middle and South America would be muslim. So now you are just going to be a latin country in the future.

      • America says:

        And that’s a problem? I guess it is for racists like you…

        • America says:

          If you understood anything about the US you would know we welcome latin immigrants moreso then any others in the world. Look at the legal immigration statistics. America grants immigration to more Hispanics then from all of Europe and the FSU combined. We aren’t as racist and terrified of Latino Americans as you think. (rolls eyes)

          Even the illegal immigration is not a big a problem as the media and vocal minorities or racists like yourself make it out to be. If it was the border would be a lot more tightly controlled and we would be deporting those who make it here a lot quicker too.

          And what makes you think Central and South America are going to be inundated with Muslims? WTF are they going to do, swim there enmass? lol

          Why do you think you have so many inundating Europe and the FSU, because it’s easy to do. You’re just a few border crossing away. The western hemisphere is not.

        • Tiger says:

          Well, why would I build up a nation and then donate it to others? That makes no sense to me. That is like earning money and giving it to strangers on the street. So if you think that is right then just give me your bank account, your house…

    • tea cup says:

      Western values? Man those died with the Fifties. You want to play the blame game? Take a long hard look at the elected leaders, the corrupt business men and the minority interest groups controlling the rest. Everyone else is zapped on drugs, alcohol, materialism and apathy.

  16. Tiger says:

    You cannot mix what does not belong together. Russia be prepared for a mega Yugoslavia if you do not send these peoples to their home. There are enough Russians unemployed who would need these jobs.

  17. Bizwalii says:

    Islam is the ass cancer of the planet

  18. Rolf Wittwer says:

    Millions like this uncivilized masses are looking forward, to take over the World – in the name “of Allah” (= Caliphate – see countless sources in the Internet). Freedom and Democrady will be washed away and be replaced by a completely intolerant, backward orientated desastrous (economy, education, technology, science, etc.) “lifestyle”.
    If Europe will not fall into deep premiddleaged darkness, something has to be done very soon, to stop this “religious” imperialism.

    • Gerhard says:

      You got all that from people running on the street? Do drunk riots after football matches mean that football fans are about to take over the world? Junge Junge… Du hast einen Knall.

    • Tiger says:

      The middle ages were not as backward as this is going to be if they succeed. And Gerhard, please move to Duisburg or Neukölln, live there for a year or so and than talk again about tolerance.

      • CZenda says:

        Bah! I am sure there is no crime in Duisburg. They have Horst Schimanski there :D

        • Tiger says:

          That was 500 years ago :)

          Today Duisburg is a city with more German and more muslim districts like Beirut. Be glad that they do not come to the Czech Republic.

  19. multiray says:

    Where to get away from this doomed country?

  20. tom says:

    They breed like flies, a good war should sort that out.

  21. Dolores says:

    Multiculturalism is so peaceful, one big melting pot … :)

  22. Ali says:

    So many ignorant people here. You all seem to forget history. For starters, Russia has always had an indigenous Mulsim population, especially in the Caucasus and Tatarstan; so these people aren’t ‘invading’ Moscow per se, it’s like saying people from California invading NY. But you also seem to forget many of the post soviet cental asian countries ARE muslim, and due to corruption and puppet regimes for Moscow many still live in poverty. A lot are young men who go to Moscow and other big cities just looking for work to send to their families back home. Why do you have to call us “muslim scum” and “cancer”, when most are just trying to just survive like anyone else? The problem is there aren’t enough mosques to accommodate the amount of worshipers, and since moscow is already an expensive and strict city getting land permits and licenses is very hard. The oldest mosque in Moscow is expanding to accommodate more worshipers. If you were living in poverty and a highly corrupt country, i’m sure most of you will do the same. You can’t just remain in a bubble and pretend the rest of the world doesn’t have problems and isn’t going to affect you. Soviet communism was brutal in the Balkans, Eastern Europe and Central Asia and those countries are still trying to recover from the brutality.
    And to the German guy, why does the “turk” are is a ‘no go area’? you think all Turks are so mean that they are going to kill you just for being german in their neighborhood?

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