20 Service At the Border With China

Service At the Border With China

Posted on October 25, 2012 by team

We are about to visit the place where two countries are bordering: Kazakhstan and China. You can see now what a military service of Kazakh soldiers there is like.

This shabby wooden bridge separates the two states. The shadow side belongs to China.

Makanchi border unit is one of the oldest in the country. This year it turned 85. All Kazakh border units have to control more than fifteen thousand kilometres (9.5 thousand miles) of state border with five countries.

They usually place their units in remote highlands and they are usually temporary. They leave when winter comes, because severe Kazakh winters leave no chances for illegal breaking the border.

This is “Karabas” frontier. It is in the old building of 1960. And they are not the oldest. The oldest have been used since 1932. All the infrastructure has been working since the collapse of the USSR.

The only women present here are a cook and a wife of the frontier chief. Women are rare in such places and families often cannot withstand such conditions.

The border duty lasts since 8 p.m. to 8 a.m. They don’t have weekends but once a year they have vacation which sometimes lasts up to two months.

In case of war they should remain in a battle for twenty-thirty minutes.

The maps are not allowed to be shot.

They live in a state of constant combat readiness.

Even draftees are immediately given a rifle with live ammunition.

Hazing is not frequent here though it can happen sometimes. They sooner resemble a family.


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20 Responses to “Service At the Border With China”

  1. Nergol says:

    It actually doesn’t look so bad at all. If 4G data service worked there, I might volunteer myself!

  2. Osip says:

    This territory is a shithole. Maybe it would be less trouble to let the Chines have it.

  3. Scout19K says:

    The soles of the combat boots are copied after US Special Forces boots issued in Vietnam. Nothing wrong with it matter of fact it is a good pattern and wish I could get it here on my combat boots.

    • bob123 says:

      uhhhh… wow, even the soles were copied from the Americans? Maybe the pattern on the underwear as well??

      What bl00dy evidence do you that the soles were copied?!?!?!!?

      • America says:

        lmao what bloody evidence do you have that it wasn’t?

        He is correct. The tread pattern on the soles of their boots is what is known as the “Panama style tread”. The pattern was developed in the mid 40s’ by Raymond Dobie and refined by Cresson_Kearny in the 60s’. They are both American service. Unless you can otherwise show prior art it is indeed an American designed tread pattern.The technology to mold the sole to the upper was patented in the 50s and by Vietnam the tread pattern was incorporated into the U.S. Armed forces Panama soled jungle boot.

        Today British boot maker Altberg (among others obviously, lol) are still producing boots featuring the Panama tread. It’s about as good as it gets for jungle or other harsh muddy terrains.

        “Designed during the height of the Viet Nam war, the Panama tread seen below is designed to release mud but maintain traction on slippery jungle trails.”

        • America says:

          …And as he said there is nothing wrong with the fact it continues to be reproduced by other companies and nations to this day. It’s an excellent design and any exclusive legal rights to it that may have existed (if any) are long expired by now.

          • America says:

            Just for the hell of it a little more info for anyone interested…

            Cresson Kearny’s own account is that his aid Raymond Dobie came up with the initial design in 1944 and then in 1966 Kearny refined Dobie’s design and went to Wellco with the results.*

            *Jungle Snafus…And Remedies, Oregon Institute of Science and Medicine(1996, pp. 178–80).

            In fact if you go to Wellco-dot-com and search “Panama” you will see they still manufacture 4 different hot weather jungle boots featuring the Panama tread sole, which they describe as…

            “The JUNGLE HOT WEATHER Combat Boot was originated by Wellco. As early as the 1950s, Wellco began the task of convincing the U.S. Army that its unique Direct Molded Sole (DMS) construction was suited for military combat boots. The JUNGLE BOOT has been able to withstand years of wear & tear in cruel environments, and over the years, has protected the feet of millions who protect and

            Kearney was a pretty interesting guy. You can search his name on Wikipedia. In his obituary his daughter Stephanie commented… “Throughout his life he believed in being prepared for trouble.”

            So unless anyone knows of prior art that influenced Raymond Dobie…the design originated with him in ’44, was tweaked by Cresson Kearney in ’66, who then took the design to Wellco, who then used their patented molded sole technology to put it into production, after which it was adopted by the U.S. Armed Forces for jungle combat. And by many other forces since.

            • America says:

              BTW Bob, you would have to show me their underwear to be sure, but if they’re wearing “tighty whities” as we Yanks call them… :D

              Briefs were first sold on January 19, 1935 by Coopers, Inc., in Chicago, Illinois. They dubbed the new undergarment the “Jockey” because it offered a similar degree of support as the jockstrap. Thirty-thousand pairs were sold within three months of their introduction.

              In the UK, briefs were first sold in 1938. Soon, shops were selling 3,000 briefs per week. They were so popular that in 1948, every member of the British Olympic team was given a free pair of briefs.

        • the truth says:

          “American” has become another way to say “Wanker”

    • inan says:

      really very interesting soles of the combat boats..my opinion that’s photo(soles) not spontane it’s take a specially in cadrage.

  4. René says:

    Very interesting.

  5. OD1N says:

    you should better to change your decision because frontier is not a safe place. 4 months ago a whole local unit was murdered by unknowns near almaty.

  6. OD1N says:

    btw nice fotoz! )

  7. ProudGerman says:

    Too bad they cannot patrol USA borders.

  8. JPNZ says:

    ” The shadow side belongs to China ” LOL watch out for the shadow people XD

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