37 New Jet Fighter of the Russian Air Forces

New Jet Fighter of the Russian Air Forces

Posted on October 25, 2012 by team

The Sukhoi PAK FA is a twin-engine jet fighter being developed by Sukhoi for the Russian Air Force. The Sukhoi T-50 is the prototype for PAK FA.

The first flight of the PAK FA was performed on 29th of January, 2010. The serial production is expected to start in 2015.

The plane was designed to replace Su-27 for the Russian Air Forces. They are also developing an export modification together with India, it is called FGFA – Fifth Generation Fighter Aircraft.

The plane is expected to be 2,5-3 times cheaper than its foreign analogues.

India plans to buy PAK FA for 100 million dollars per one.


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37 Responses to “New Jet Fighter of the Russian Air Forces”

  1. cro says:

    Superb as always. I like the color scheme.
    Raptors beware ;)

  2. mikesierra67 says:

    Beautiful plane, but… a little expensive too (specialy now, in economic crisis time).
    For 100 milion dolars, you can buy a lot of UAV’s.

  3. tea pot says:

    photos never do them justice in terms of size. when I saw a Mig in a Brussel museum I was amazed by the size. about 5 volvo estates bolted together excluding the wings. these things are huge.

  4. liptonius says:

    With the proliferation of shoulder-fired heat seeking missiles, those two shiny engine covers just look like “BOOM” magnets.

    I also note the lack of “stealth” claims.

    Bargain? Ummmmm.

  5. Chico says:

    Pretty cool, and again one of those really cool cammo paintjobs. love them.

  6. rtqwd$ says:

    nice thing it is

  7. Alex says:

    The colour scheme is indeed very nice. Someone had taste at the plant. Too often some fat dude at directors chair decides that planes should bear more Slavic orthodox lettering and Russian flag colour scheme.

  8. jordan says:

    The aircraft you see there isn’t a PAK-FA, it’s a flight demonstrator, like the X-22 or X-35. It clearly doesn’t have many stealth features installed and reportedly doesn’t even have targeting avionics yet.

    The X-35 first flew more than a decade ago, and the jet still isn’t ready, so that gives you some indication of the timeline involved.

    If they were to weaponize that plane today, it’d basically be a Flanker with internal weapons bays. It might be able to best a Viper or Strike Eagle (although possibly not given that they’ll have better missiles) but it’d be no Raptor killer.

    The Russians say that it’ll eventually have radar absorbing coatings, radar protection of the air intakes, fifth generation avionics, lower IR signature on the exhaust, better weapons, etc. etc. We’ll see. It’s already two decades behind the Raptor.

    • vorontsevich says:

      Lol. The Pak fa and Lmfs, were developed two decades after the captor. They use newer technology. It’s the craptor that is now dtwo decades behind. And condsidering that each one costs what half a billion dollars, and require 30+ maintenance hours for every flight hour, it doesn’t have to be a craptor killer. As america puts it, the us government does a much better job of it.

  9. MikeFromCanada says:

    The F22 Raptor major threats are the Russian S300 and S400 missile systems. The F-35 is the only western plane that can “beat” the S300-S400 system. And the Chengdu-J-20 is still just a phantom. LOL

  10. 山下智久love the nokia Lumia says:

    can you speak german or russian?

  11. CaptainGroove says:

    What the hell is plasma injection??

  12. Warlock says:

    What the hell is plasma injection?

  13. p51d007 says:

    Bet an F-15, in AIR TO AIR combat could wax it.

  14. tom says:

    Don’t forget where you got your Jet technology from.

  15. Ego_Des says:

    This plane was construct at my native town))) im realy imprest that thay just build it so late. This plane blueprints have 12 years old history

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