1 Bathing In the Moscow River

Bathing In the Moscow River

Posted on October 25, 2012 by team

There was time when people were not afraid of bathing in the Moscow river. The water was clear enough and people were less demanding than today. 50-70 years ago they didn’t think much about ecology or treatment plants, they polluted the river and it was considered to be normal. Boys swimming opposite the Kremlin were not uncommon. It was a good time. If they had a beach near the Kremlin today, would you plunge?

In 1910 even horses bathed in the river.

It’s 1926.


The beach was opened for visitors.

Summer 1972 was hot!


This is a shot from the Soviet movie.

Today this water is not appropriate for bathing and people risk to plunge only during the holiday of Epithany.

Location: Moscow

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  1. Buratino says:

    In second photo up from bottom is Volka from film “Old Khottabych”. Very good film about Volka, an old genie and a magic carpet

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