18 Moscow: Thirty Years Later

Moscow: Thirty Years Later

Posted on October 24, 2012 by team

Moscow is rapidly changing, new high-rise buildings are growing and some people like it, others – don’t. Here’s a selection of photos to compare Moscow of the 80s with Moscow of the present days.

Now there is a communication salon here.

One can be massaged here now in many different ways.

A pawnshop has appeared nearby.


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18 Responses to “Moscow: Thirty Years Later”

  1. DouglasU says:

    Ugly signs everywhere…eye pollution.

  2. Grayson W says:

    DouglasU: yeah, it’s like they made up for 74 years without advertising by plastering it EVERYWHERE. I liked the Moscow of the ’80s better…

  3. 山下智久love the nokia lumia says:

    in fact from the 80’s until not much changes …

  4. Qirex says:

    it’s capitalism baby…

    so sad.

  5. 山下智久love the nokia lumia says:

    in fact from the 80′s until now not much changes …

    • Tiger says:

      yes, they had cars and electricity back then and they have cars and electricity today – maybe you love your lumia too much?

      • 山下智久love the nokia lumia says:

        you konw the nokia lumia is one of the world’s most beautiful mobile phone!haal

  6. JCR says:

    The today photos look uglier because they were taken in Autumn or Spring while the old photos are taken in Summer.
    Also Hotel Moskva is gone and there’s a construction site in place of it, that looks sort of ugly but is temporary
    All in all the Arbat hasn’t changed that much

  7. cro says:

    There is a much less flowers and more cars..

  8. Andy2012 says:

    i am all for change, but actually the 80s looked a lot better.

  9. demos says:

    Seems like the modern Moscow looks deader as far as people goes but more fancy cars.

  10. ProudGerman says:

    Capitalism is a billion times better than Communism death camps.

  11. Rishi says:

    Moscow, a beautiful city then and now.

  12. America says:

    lol @ all the eco nuts complaining about cars. If walking your ass of was so much better how come today Russians can’t buy cars fast enough?

  13. tom says:

    You haven;t got the pictures quite aligned and the time of year is not the same, but everything still looks better in the past. Less selfishness I suppose, people more willing to mingle.

    If this was Britain the most noticeable difference would be the ethnic minorities, anyone will tell you that!

  14. Ego_Des says:

    ProudGerman. Capitalism….. Comunism… Same Sh…t China have comunism to. But just visit Shanghai. You”ll se comunism in action

  15. Marc from Finland says:

    Less green today :(

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