47 Moscow Spaceship House For Naomi Campbell

Moscow Spaceship House For Naomi Campbell

Posted on October 24, 2012 by team

You may probably know that one of the most famous top models Naomi Campbell is dating a Russian billionaire Vladislav Doronin. And she surely deserves the best gifts. One of them has been recently built in Barvikha of the Moscow region. The designer of the house is a famous architect Zaha Hadid.

The house ia called «Capital Hill Residence». Its area is more than 2,5 thousand m2. The architect combined modern technologies and natural forms.

Naomi can observe the pinery from her windows.

The house is now being built and is not finished yet.

Inside the house has four levels. On the lowest one are a living room, a gym, a massage room, a sauna, a hammam and a Russian bath.

On the higher level are a reception hall, an indoor swimming pool, a dining room and a kitchen.


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47 Responses to “Moscow Spaceship House For Naomi Campbell”

  1. Dr. Dot says:

    There are an awful lot of windows here. It’s going to heat up like a greenhouse during the summer…

    • Ralph Martin says:

      Large overhangs on all the insulated glass panels…It will be fine.

    • America says:

      I’m sure the heating and cooling system is appropriately over sized. And i doubt a billionaire is concerned about the cost of heating and cooling it. It is what it is. The eccentric gift of a billionaire to his multimillionaire girlfriend.

  2. jjj says:

    no, we donot like the project. not because it’s sci fi

  3. Tiger says:

    What an utter nonsense this house is. I have seen so many old and wonderful Usadbas and palaces in the countryside that need restoration and that would make a much classier place to live than this “thing”.

      • Tiger says:

        See, the only one agreeing with a tiger is a maus :) – but yes am I right or what? This guy could have got a classical palace for the money using natural materials like wood and limestone and stuff like that. But no, he is building something that looks like those ferries in the Baltic where all the Swedes and Finns get drunk until they throw up :)

        • America says:

          If that’s what you like then go build one. This place is not for you. Get over it.

          • America says:

            And BTW, while i do not know her wealthy benefactor… you can rest assured, he doesn’t give a flying f–k how you think he could have better spent his money. His money. His house. You don’t like it that’s fine.

            • America says:

              And i may as well mention the dudes a billionaire. He owns houses, homes and estates all over the world. At least a few of which i’m sure you would appreciate or even be downright jealous of. ;)

              • Tiger says:

                Dear Merica, get a job, get a wife and stop losing on the internet. Thank you very much in advance and have a great kurban bayram.

                BTW: I live in an 500 year old renovated watermill outside Frankfurt. A small river is sparkling underneath the old house so I can fish trouts and others fishes right from my balcony. I guess that has more style than this stranded hovercraft :)

                As of the money, tomorrow it may be worthless when the economy crashes and he cannot take it to heaven if his days are counted and even billionaires end up in prison one day, like Chodorkowski. Instead of spending it out spoiled women he should have adopted some children (as if there are no orphans in Russia), that would have been his most valuable treasure before god. There are much more poorer men who do more charity. That is something to be “envious” of.

                But this is something you cannot understand, it is beyond your understanding my bobele xoxol or whatever you are.

                • America says:

                  I’m sorry sir, you’ve obviously mistaken me for someone who cares about where it is you live or how wonderful it is. I do not. Brag to Vladislav Doronin about it as he is the one you are kvetching about his tastes and how he spends his money on property you disapprove of. And once again nobody besides you cares about how you think he should have spent his money. lol, perhaps you should take your own advise and stop losing on the internet, like hating on Vladislav Doronin for his tastes and how he spends his billions, and get a life. ;)

  4. Rit Meester says:

    What an eyesore. The gentleman may have money but has no taste whatsoever.

  5. matt says:

    So, they want to live on a spaceship that never goes anywhere? pretty odd.

  6. D. Bunker says:

    Is there a place for Campbell to hit staff members with her cell phone?

  7. Osip says:

    It appears to be a repurposed diving tower.

  8. bärtti says:

    Looks like Skijumptower

  9. Nige says:

    Looks like a Bond villain’s lair.

  10. DouglasU says:

    Might be a fun museum for kids. A home? NO…!!!

  11. Chico says:

    Can’t buy taste. This is horrible.

  12. timoulete says:

    Star trek fan house

  13. Igor says:

    Some space age crap.

  14. SSSR says:

    It has a 1970’s look with too many windows!

  15. Dar says:

    It’s a nerd’s house. No woman will appreciate it.

  16. America says:

    Vasya Pupkin lives here, right?

  17. America says:

    Interesting concept. The CGI renderings have all the sleekness of a luxury Italian yacht. The reality has more panel lines then an ocean going freighter. Another Zaha Hadid fail.

  18. USSR says:

    It would be better if Mr.Doronin used the money spent on this house to feed the kids in russian
    orphanages :(

    • Tiger says:

      Amen to that.

      • America says:

        Yes, Amen to that. After all it’s not like highly educated and financially successful men, like those who live in 500 yr old renovated watermills on bucolic estates in the German countryside, are going to step up and do it.

        • Tiger says:

          Look at what we have here! My personal stalker! How are you today mobele? Has mameh not given you milk yet? Or has the mazzah caused a congestion again :)

          • America says:

            For someone who is a successful corporate business adviser, who has greatly increased the profitability of world known corporations in new markets, lives in a wonderfully renovated 500 yr old water mill on a bucolic German estate, etc., etc., etc., you sure seem to have a lot of time on your hands to pursue the stupider things in life. Like trolling ER. :D

            • Me says:

              My goodness, you must be autistic to comment so much on such minor things. You love to shove your opinion down everyone’s throats and claim it as fact. Well buddy, they’re just your opinions and they’re shitty ones at that. I’m almost sure that you’re overweight and have a neck beard.

  19. OLUT says:

    From that top part, she could throw a cellphone like a champ!

  20. Mummeli says:

    So, it’s a gift. Can she even own it legally, even if it is a gift? Or is this again one of those ‘here’s a gift for you, although i own it’ things?

    And surely Naomi would agree to sleep in such a glasshouse, in plain view of the paparazzi’s.

    Sure, i believe all of it – and the moon is made of cheese ;)

    • America says:

      you can own homes in Russia and i don’t know why he wouldn’t just sign it over to her. His tastes seem to be a lot more conservative and he ridiculously wealthy.

      Naomi seems to be the sci-fi nerd. Last year for her birthday he gifted her a 21st century spaceage “Eye of Horus” eco home on Isla Playa de Cleopatra off the Turkish coast. If they’re still together next year he’ll probably build her yet another nerdy 21st century retreat ni some other part of the world. lol

  21. SSSR says:

    So why can I not post any more comments on this post?

  22. SSSR says:

    It looks like a Spa with all of the windows and because of its design.It is safety glass which is basically see through walls but there is too much of it!

  23. WOW! Can I visit 4 the weekend?

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