8 When You Park Your Car In an Unknown Place

When You Park Your Car In an Unknown Place

Posted on October 22, 2012 by team

Sometimes you take a serious risk when you park your car somewhere in Russia in a place you are not sure about. You probably do not expect to come back and find your car almost fully disassembled…


8 Responses to “When You Park Your Car In an Unknown Place”

  1. Osip says:

    Can’t believe they left the wiper blades.

  2. ProudGerman says:

    who would want that vehicle

  3. George says:

    Looks like a honda accord in the inner city of the US!

  4. Madak says:

    Only an idiot would park their car in Detroit.

  5. Fred Johnson says:

    Nah, looks like just about ANY car in chicago (aka thugtown).

  6. America says:

    looks like it was stripped by amateurs, why did they leave so much behind?

  7. bärtti says:

    that’s why we lock our cars in finland, here live/visit russians + gypsys (same thing?)

  8. Gambit says:

    Surprised they didn’t take the carpet out of it and hang it on their living room wall.

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